Fan Meeting in Yamanashi 2014

With Typhoon Vongfong sweeping through Japan early this week, it was with some concern to think of how it might affect the fan meeting today.  But thankfully, the typhoon had passed and the fans must have had a wonderful time with Sang Hyun earlier this afternoon.
Haneda 19-10-2014
Arrival at Haneda Airport earlier today
Yamanashi 1
In the waiting room getting ready for the fan meeting
Some posters at the venue, thanks to Wye Leng who is among one of the lucky fans who were there.  These look similar to those which were used at the recent birthday fan meeting last month in Seoul.




An interesting cake from fans.  The English words on the small rows of figures read ‘Love Yoon Sang Hyun’.  
Yamanashi 9
The venue is a full size ballroom with about 400 participants.
The fan meeting continues with a walk around the 5th station of Mt Fuji tomorrow morning.
Hope we can get more photos of the event.
Gift presented to Sang Hyun by the Yamanashi officials in appreciation of his visit and the many others who had come to Yamanashi and Mt Fuji.
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3 Responses to Fan Meeting in Yamanashi 2014

  1. says:

    Wish i were there! Good luck to all the fans for an enjoyable walk with YHS!

  2. shandy says:

    Vongfong has to give way too, hahaha !
    The ballroom is decorated in its minimalist way, simple but
    perfect for the details. I have thought about the cake not a
    real one, it actually can be eaten, sorry Julee juz for a joke ! ^_^
    Yoon looks great, charming as he always is !
    My good wishes will always be there for everything goes all
    right, the sun shines well, the wind is gentle , and
    our fav man juz enjoys rambling on the mountain with happy
    heart, same goes to the fans !

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    Sang-Hyeon arrived at Japan in a very elegant suits! It’s interesting he had never been so elegant arriving at Japan! That blue shirt fits to him very well and the tie! Because of the officials???
    The fans really wanted to meet SH and the Fuji together!^^ And fortunately, the weather was much better! 😀 Yes, I think the decoration was the same. But I am surprised that SH became a tourism ambassador of the Fuji and Yamanashi! Nice package of wines! 😀 The cake is really nice and I join to the text of the cake! 😀
    I hope the meeting was really funny and happy and hopefully, SH has shared some gifts, hugs and kisses among the audience! 😀
    And the walk to the Fuji, well I am really sorry that I am not there as I have seen some photos about the Fuji sent by some friends who are there now and it was really amazing!^^ Even in clouds the Mt. Fuji is beautiful!^^ This walk is on my bucketlist! And I hope I can share it… 😀

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