Fan Meeting In Yamanashi 2014 (Mt Fuji)

Thanks again to Wye Leng for sharing with us some lovely pics of Sang Hyun as she enjoyed the walk at the 5th Station of Mt Fuji with Sang Hyun and the others today.  It seems Sang Hyun had overslept so came a little later.  Participants were divided into 9 groups of around 40 each for the group photography.  I can imagine the crowd following him and it had probably not been easy to manage such a large group.  He left right after the walk and photograph session.

Mt Fuji (1)

Mt Fuji (2)

Other pics from Chocolatier’s blog

Mt Fuji (3)

Mt Fuji (4)

Mt Fuji (5)

More photos in Eri’s post on the walk on Mt Fuji
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5 Responses to Fan Meeting In Yamanashi 2014 (Mt Fuji)

  1. shandy says:

    Hmmm….there’s a palpable sense of autumn in the air,
    how I luv to breathe in the fresh and crisp air……feeling
    so good as the autumn is so cool…. it reminds me of the
    pumpkin soup….

    Everybody seemed to be embraced by the misty and
    admirable mountain.
    The sunlight crept through the gaps of the leaves which
    are undergoing the transition of fall colors… and the dappled
    light dotted here and there… so nice !

    Yoon, with the shades and being clad in jeans shirt with
    greyish thick vest outside, looked so gorgeous. His smile,
    so charming that it even warmed up the chilly autumn.
    He must have had a nice and enjoyable time spent together
    with the fans up there ! ^_^

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think this walk could have been very nice in the beauty of nature! As I see SH enjoyed this meeting with fans. Although, I cannot understand how anybody could get close to him as there were four people who was guarding him and 400 people??? I think if every of them wanted to walk very close to him, than they would have climbed up to the Fuji! 😀 Otherwise, SH looked very well and seemed to be very happy! 😀 And the sunglasses suited him very well, and I think it covered very well the traces of the previous night. 😀 He seemed to be a little bit tired! 😀 Everybody told that he was very direct to everyone!

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      I saw more photo and I have seen that they were taking a breathing practice or Tai-chi at the 5th.Station??? SH was laughing during it! And I wonder who was the person who was with him in the light grey jacket???

    • juleecwk says:

      I suppose the photos we have seen did not really tell the whole story, but it couldn’t have been easy to manage such a huge crowd.

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