Visit @ Apple Store In Omotesando
Sang Hyun dropping by at the Apple store in Omotesando after completing his final activities in Japan.

Omotesando 20-10-2014a

Omotesando 20-10-2014b

Omotesando 20-10-2014c

Omotesando 20-10-2014d

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3 Responses to Visit @ Apple Store In Omotesando

  1. shandy says:

    Time for relaxation !
    Yoon must be enjoying being alone by pampering himself
    a bit with his own taste… that dashing and gorgeous outfit
    and hat.
    He looked great, seemed out of any weary head after the
    hectic activities.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    When I saw him watching that wireless speaker, which I had to admit it’s fantastic design and super quality, so, I laughed a lot! He is very funny in that hat, although it suits him well! I think he loves the electronics very much and he is interested in the newest devices! 😀 I could understand him very well! I am the same type! 😀 I am surprised a little bit as I thought he would visit an RC shop, but perhaps, Manseok gives him more activities which is fantastic! After learning the basic obedience he should teach his dog the apporting! It’s very romantic when a man gives a flower to the loved woman, but when his dog brings that flower… There’s no woman who can resist… 😀 I am joking! 😀 .

    • juleecwk says:

      I didn’t know those were speakers. Would have preferred him without the hat. SH says he hopes to teach Man Seok to do tricks and bring him to the fan meeting. Perhaps he’s joking as it might not be so easy to bring over an animal to another country. I’m not sure about Japan’s immigration rules but for Singapore, animals which are brought in are required to undergo quarantine for a month.

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