Fan Meeting In Yamanashi 2014 (2)

A rough translation and account of the fan meeting held in Yamanashi on 19th October 2014 with content from the blogs of Chocolatier and Eri at the links below.  Their sharing is very much appreciated as it gives us an opportunity to get a glimpse even if we could not be there.  So thank you ladies.  Apologies for any errors.


mt fuji

The recent fan meeting at Yamanashi was held at the Banquet Hall Fuji at the Highlands Resort Hotel on 19th October.  Sharing a great time with Sang Hyun amidst the lovely view of Mt Fuji in the distance would surely remain an wonderful memory for everyone.    
The fan meeting had started at around 17:25 with a slide show with photos from the official calender as well as the posters which were at the entrance.  As Sang Hyun made his appearance, one can imagine the loud cheers which erupted from the crowd of about 400 participants.  His outfit was a white tee under a grey jacket with black pants, and that fedora which we saw in those photos of him at the Apple store in Omotesando. 
It was a pleasant surprise for the fans when the Yamanashi official appeared on stage to present some bottles of wine from the Prefecture and a letter of appreciation to Sang Hyun for his contribution in promoting the awareness of Yamanashi and Mt Fuji.  The sakura wine was also given to 100 participants through a lucky draw.

Talk segment
When asked by the MC if he saw Mt Fuji that day, Sang Hyun said that it was sunny when he arrived at the airport.  He had slept in the car and when he woke up, it had turned cloudy as Mt Fuji came into view so he did not managed to see its peak.  But he hoped they will be able to see it clearly the next day.
He had been busy recently with training Man Seok and has made a large kennel for it in his parent’s yard, so that it would be big enough for when it has puppies.  An announcement which got everyone excited was the mention of holding a concert with Seung Chul in December.  Seung Chul had also recently referred to it in his Face Book. 
As to how he feels about the various stages of his age, there were not much differences between his 20s and 30s.  But once he reached his 40s, it feels tiring with failing memory, increasing hair loss and physical stress.  He then proceeded to draw a chart to represent his Happiness Index until the age of 70.
Happiness index
Starting with his 10s, he rated it at 70%.  At that age, he did not understand the concept of happiness.  Though he was not able to eat or obtain all that he wanted and the family were not very well off, he had enjoyed music, playing with kites and sledges and received a lot of love from his parents..
The rating for his 20s is 40% because it was a painful time filled with worries.  Ratings for his 30s went back up to 70% as he knew then what he really wanted and could move towards a goal he had set for himself.  It dropped back to 40% for his 40s because even though he’s still moving towards his goal, there is a feeling of loneliness and emptiness within.  Rather than looking at the past or the success at work now, he hopes to have a happy family.  He is trying to build up a family gradually …… beginning with Man Seok.  His goal now is to create a family soon which he would like to share with his fans.  Now that he knows what would make him happy, he expects 90% for his 50s and if he could be married, it would jump to 100%. 
He is mindful of his health and would go for a yearly health screening.  As soon as he feels any discomfort, he would go for a checkup but the report would indicate no abnormalities.
When asked about his first kiss, he revealed that it happened in his 20s after his discharge from the Army.  As to the difference between a normal and passionate kiss, he demonstrated by mouthing an ‘Aa’.  Why were the ladies so interested in this or perhaps they were curious which category his first kiss fall into?
He said he would like to get married at this moment.  It is a thought which has been in his mind since this year.  I recall that he has been saying it for the past couple of years and seeing that ring on his finger makes me hopeful that perhaps it can happen soon?  He would like to have a wedding with a concert format in Jeju.  Interesting.

Lucky draw & games
He did 2 drawings next on white tees for a lucky draw …… one with a self potrait of his face and the other a Halloween pumpkin with an arrow through it. He then threw 5 autographed balls into the crowd and those who caught them could ask him a question.
Q1.  Which actress was the first to sent him birthday congratulations?
Ans: No one, there is no actress he’s close to.  Anyway it was sent by Seung Chul.
Q2. What tips had he discovered on whom to marry.
Ans:  Firstly it’s the importance of family.  He knows now who is a good or bad choice. 

In his 20s, he had a girlfriend he had been dating for 7 years.  She would always walk behind him when they go shopping and he would be talking to her.  Once when he turned around and their eyes met, she suddenly slapped him.  To think that she had seemed demure, so now he knows what kind of people is good or bad.
(Thanks to Yvonne for the translation)
Q3.  Type of training for his dog
Ans:  Go left and right, wait. Someday when he has taught it more tricks, he might want to bring him to the fan meeting.
Q4.  The important qualities he would like in a life partner
Ans:  Healthy physically and mentally, and a bright personality would be good. 
Q5.  There’s this recent fad in Korea about the parent appearing with his child on TV, is there an ideal father figure?
Ans:  He does not like to have them appear on TV.  He would like to do things together with his child, hiking and fishing.
Telepathy game next in which they would guess Sang Hyun’s preference with an autographed tumbler as prize.
a)  Mountain or the sea? ……..  mountain
b)  Morning or night?  ………..  morning
c)  Coffee or tea?             ……….. both
d)  Friends or girlfriend? …….. girlfriend
e)  Summer or winter   ……….  summer
A dice game next in which what they get to do with Sang Hyun would depend on which surface of the dice is uppermost when thrown.  I have omitted one option as I’m not sure what it is. 2 of them got the bursting of a balloon and 3 back hugs. 
Holding hands
Burst a balloon held between their bodies
Eye contact for 10 seconds
Taking a selfie together
Back hug
This next part is when fans were called out to participate ……. foreign fans and those from Hokkaido.  Wye Leng being the only foreigner among them was the lucky one and Sang Hyun came down from the stage to passed her a gift.  The 10 from Hokkaido went up on stage to play the rock-paper-scissors game and winners received a tumbler.  Sang Hyun’s win was 4 out of 10.
The final part was the 2 shot photo where everyone gets to take a picture with Sang Hyun.  With around 400 people, it lasted around 1.5 hours until 21:00.
Sang Hyun’s parting words:
I came to Mt Fuji in 2009.  At that time, it was a startling experience to see this great mountain in Asia. I had dreamed of Mt Fuji since junior high school.  Though the weather was bad during the fan meeting, I had a wonderful view of Mt Fuji from the hotel room.  And from that time, it became a mountain of good luck, a fun mountain and great mountain.  I am thrilled to be here this time.  Looking at the cloudy weather, I had thought I might be the rain man today.  Tomorrow we will see it as we go on a walk together.  I feel really happy to be able to share this excitement with you. Thank you for your time today and let’s meet again tomorrow.

More photos of the walk on Mt Fuji, thanks to Chie Hasumi.
It looks like the men were trying to get the ladies organized.

fuji 1

fuji 2
fuji 3
fuji 4
fuji 5
fuji 6
fuji 7
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5 Responses to Fan Meeting In Yamanashi 2014 (2)

  1. shandy says:

    20’s a phase of awful blankness….
    Yoon must be indecisive in his direction, he’s left stranded
    at a crossroads of struggle. It’s a turning point of his decision
    made to determine the wholeness of his future life. I know
    how he felt in his 20’s, his unhappiness is undoubtedly
    plunging relentlessly from the heaven to earth….

    Life is actually transitory.
    At every level of growth stages, we keep pumping happiness
    into vacuity of mind with studies, career and marriage.
    Every stage involves independent thought or mind set adapted
    to fix ourselves in aspiring and inspiring for self development,
    and self improvement for self growth and ultimately lead us to
    our goal through various channels and meanders.

    Yoon’s envision is of marriage, a happy married life with his
    loved ones including his pretty half and children, a frame of
    beautiful picture embodies all happiness in it is a dream
    envisaged by all.
    Getting the vacant corners in life filled is everyone’s business
    of concern.

    It’s sure for Yoon to settle down with his own family.
    What’s the standard of his ideal half ?
    An interesting question bobs up on my mind suddenly.
    Next time emcee shall put up his question in this way:

    What’s your hierarchical order of your ideal one?
    —— bent on mountain hiking
    —— an aficionado of cleanliness
    —— a zoophilite regardless of cat or dog…
    —— adoring the children
    —— is dead keen on music
    —— beauty or bootyliciousness (whichever comes first)
    —— kind-hearted and good-natured
    —— healthy and lively

    There must be a great interest for fans to number them
    according to priority, it’ll be a lot of fun !

    Yoon himself is already a hard-bitten and good tempered
    man. He definitely had learned his lesson of what really
    features a demon woman ( referred to his ex-gal )
    He looks happier and more energetic on the surface,
    as secretly he felt more blank inside…..\
    I even doubt his voluble conversation is a frontier poised
    to cover up his discomfort of hollow.

    His growing anxiety is understandable.
    Never yield to marriage bell rings for the sake of marriage
    and getting married. I don’t trust any flash marriage as it is
    built on castles in the air !
    I’m worried that more hope he counts on, the more of
    insecurity will erode away his confidence if his dream is
    unmatched with reality, it’s painful to see him suffer pain

    I’d say happiness and life satisfaction is juxtaposed.
    Value of wealth can never be oriented on happiness and
    I’m happy that Yoon doesn’t priorities on amassing his
    fortune upon which his happiness is built.
    Live to the way of life he’s pleased to —— as always
    he could do so…….

    • juleecwk says:

      I think we know this difficult period SH is referring to ….. when he was just starting out in acting, the struggles he went through and then his family was in debt and his dad fell sick. Those were his dark days, it must have been so painful. So glad that things finally looked up for him.

      I suppose his past relationship had somehow shaped his present, but valuable lessons too have been learned. He says he knows now the kind of partner who would suit him, I think it’s not so much in looks that matter to him but most importantly someone who shares his interests. I do hope he does not need to wait too long and that some day soon, he’ll find his happiness with the right woman.

    • juleecwk says:

      I think we know this difficult period SH is referring to ….. when he was just starting out in acting, the struggles he went through and then his family was in debt and his dad fell sick. Those were his dark days, it must have been so painful. So glad that things finally looked up for him.

      I suppose his past relationship had somehow shaped his present, but valuable lessons too have been learned. He says he knows now the kind of partner who would suit him, I think it’s not so much in looks that matter to him but most importantly someone who shares his interests. I do hope he does not need to wait too long and that some day soon, he’ll find his happiness with the right woman.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think the view from the hotel could be really wonderful… I was really happy that so many fans were there, I think SH was also very happy! 😀 And it’s good that the officials are proud of SH’s choice! The Fuji is really wonderful place, so, I could understand his choice! And it is really kindly from the officials that they gave wines to some fans, too! Well, SH’s outfit was very casual and this hat is very funny, but I like it! I wonder why he returned to wearing hat?! 😀
    I don’t know even if Manseok is female or male dog, but if he wants to have puppies from Manseok, then she should be female. So, he really wants more dogs… Good, puppies are very lovely! 😀 Hopefully, Manseok will be a very good and intelligent dog and perhaps, not too perfect as then she would be more lively and initiative, a very clever dog!!!
    The concert is a good idea and I hope there’ll be new songs from SC with the lyrics of SH.
    Happiness index is a strange thing for me, for the first time I didn’t understand it. I think every period of my life has good and bad times and I cannot determine those as good or bad, not even in %. Otherwise, I would like to see him in 100% happiness now, asap, even if he is married or not! 😀 I hope his all goals would be true and I am happy that he knows what he really wants! 😀 So, he started to create a family with Manseok… I am waiting for the next member… Otherwise, as he has been wearing that ring since last August at least that marriage can’t be too faraway, and Jeju island is a fantastic place for the wedding or honeymoon, but if I would be the bride, I won’t like to see any fans there! A wedding is two persons’ most important moment of life when they decide to live together forever and ever and it’s good to share this wonderful moment with family and friends, but not in a concert format… Interesting idea, how it could come into his mind??? Asking the hand of the girl at a concert is not a bad idea, mainly if Manseok would bring the ring! 😀 😀 But perhaps, he is over of this moment! 😦
    Regarding kissing, nowadays he had to use his experiences of kissing in his films many times, and I think he used to it so much as he tried to kiss that mannequin in Brasilia, too! 😀 Otherwise, seeing the photos of SH and the japanese fans, they were very close to each other, perhaps, that’s why there were so many bodyguard at Yamanashi’s walking! 😀
    I am sorry that I was unable to see the drawings of SH! 😦 If someone could share it would be so good, please!
    I wonder how many friends he has among the actresses and actors?
    His answer for who will be his ideal life partner, was a little bit strange for me. But I am woman and enough romantic. He didn’t mention the love, which is very important for me. If I won’t love my wouldbe husband, I won’t be able to be happy 100%, even if I have children or I have such a job as I like so much! And sooner or later everyone will realize there’s no happiness without love!
    I don’t know which of them I would choose from the 5 options. My heart would say the back hug, but I would be very red as this is a very intimate moment and my heart would jump out from its place and I wouldn’t like to make any trouble to SH with reanimation of me! 😀 So, the selfie is better… 😀
    Otherwise, I think SH enjoyed this fanmi very well, and once I would experience this atmospere!

    • juleecwk says:

      I think SH was just giving an average to represent his happiness index for each age group. It surely cannot account fully for everything. I do hope he will be much more nearer to his goal and his predicted rating is achieved. And marriage is definitely one of the factors that will push it up. I’m surprised that he actually wore the ring at the fan meeting this time. It sort of signifies something to me.

      I would prefer him without that hat unless he feels he is having a bad hair day 🙂

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