BNT Pictorial (2)

More photos from the BNT fashion pictorial.

bnt bnt-1
bnt-1a bnt-2 bnt-4 bnt-5  bnt-7bnt-6 bnt-8
bnt-8abnt-9 bnt-10 bnt-11

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4 Responses to BNT Pictorial (2)

  1. shandy says:

    The black charming prince looking for his one and only
    unique and beautiful rose………

    There are myriad of roses in the world of rose garden,
    the prince is steadfast in his faith of his only one rose…..
    revealing his sentiment of gallantry that he luvs no other
    roses but that particular unique one having engraved in
    his heart…….

  2. Mimi says:

    Please our Prince Charming , stop killing us with ur intense eyes .. We have melted like ice !!!!!!!

    • juleecwk says:

      Your words sort of reminds me of a scene from Secret Garden where Ra Im and Oska were flirting in front of Joo Won to irritate him, when he turned up unexpectedly while they were on the island. Can’t recall the exact words but Ra Im was saying her eyes were dazzled by Oska, and he in turn asked her if he should hide his face? And his cousin Joo Won was sort of like wanting to puke to watch them haha. They are so funny.

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