BNT Pictorial

Shooting for a pictorial ….. wow!

bnt 22bnt 18 bnt 16 bnt 17 bnt 1a bnt 3 bnt 4 bnt 2a bnt 6 bnt 5 bnt 21 bnt 20bnt 24 bnt 23 bnt 7 bnt 8 bnt 9 bnt 13a  bnt 10
bnt 14a

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8 Responses to BNT Pictorial

  1. shandy says:

    He brushed his platform with coruscating colors ……
    Each color exponents its individual exquisite, style,uniqueness…

    —— white the pureness of a man’s heart looking up at unbridled
    nature with ” wild ”
    —— black the mysterious masquerade mask on the eyes shields
    a burning heart in the core of interior….
    —— checkered coat symbolizes his glamour with a man’s charm
    and sophistication back in the old time embellishing a tall, rich
    and handsome guy !

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    I agree with Shandy regarding the photos in the checkerred suit. From these my favorite is the 3rd one. He looks very well in this suit and his interesting (a little bit chinese type of hair) hairstyle suits him very well! Mainly that the photos are shot from above! From its style a film came into my mind, the Lover. 😀 It is so romantic!
    The photos in white sweater are very good and he looks very sexy mainly when he holds his hand in front of his lips… 😀 Is he wild? Perhaps, but he is surely sexy! 😀
    And the photos in black… Wow, those are my favorites! His jacket is beautiful and the black garbo and trousers are very cool! I think the black suits him the best! The last photo with the paper figure, like Little Prince, was a real surprise for me, but I am so happy that he might has red it and I hope he has enjoyed it! Each Prince really needs that Rose!^^

    • juleecwk says:

      Are you referring to that movie with Tony Leung and that young French girl? I have watched it and some of the R-rated scenes made me feel uncomfortable. I’m not sure if those were really necessary but it seems there are a number of such movies these days ….. ‘Lust Caution’ (Tony Leung) and ‘Obsessed’ (Song Seung Heon).

      I did not watch the latter when it was shown in our local theaters but saw it as an inflight movie on my return from Seoul recently. I was hoping it would not be visible to the other passengers behind me. I hope SH will not act in such movies even if he did mention that he would like to take on the challenge of all genres, with ‘Lust Caution’ being one of them ….. yes 🙂

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Yes, that is the film, the french title is l’Amant. In Europe it’s normal to see such a film in the cinemas. Moreover, when I was learning french language, in my language book one chapter dealt with this film and we had to analyze it! 😀 I loved this film very much! And I like SSH very much, he is a very good actor and I think his film was also good and many other korean films are very good and we think if the naked body has a special meaning in the film then we will see it as an artistic requirement, as it was in the Portrait of the Beauty. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the Lust Caution until now, but I will do it! I am happy that perhaps, I see the art similar way as SH does!^^
        And this is only film and art, and it doesn’t mean that I am not shy in personal life.

  3. Mimi says:

    Wow !! great photos with sophistication .. I’ve seen the pictorial about 5 times until now and tens for the photos .. They give me happiness and every time my powers are doubled as I like to see SH 24 hours a day to recharge myself 😀 No doubt he’s photogenic with great great charisma and any colour fits him fine .. I always focus on his eyes (serious , romantic , playful ) , they are so expressive with the most uniqueness .. He’s super cute with clever eyes 😉 .. I like everything about him , his hairstyles , outfits , poses , eyes , seriousness or romance (embodies every good meaning even wildness :D) I’m thankful to lovely Suzy as she told me about the little prince who loves his unique rosé ( I didn’t read the book actually ) .. Let me say that : SH is our priceless prince but has he found his flower ? ❤ ❤

    • juleecwk says:

      In this pictorial, it seems the theme is on soft romantic, dark & mysterious and suave. My favorite is of SH in dreamy white.

      I think I’ve seen that book on the Little Prince though can’t remember. What was it about his rose?

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