Message On Weibo (24th October 2014)

weibo 24-10-2014
bnt 화보 찍었습니다. ^^
I did the BNT pictorial photo shoot ^ ^
Another new look for 2014.  When I first saw this series of photos, I was like ‘wow!’.  Love that intense don’t-mess-with-me look.  Sang Hyun looks great in this outfit which brings to mind the 50s.  He would make a very dashing figure from that era.
Dear PD-nim, does it give you an idea for the next drama? 
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4 Responses to Message On Weibo (24th October 2014)

  1. shandy says:

    Julee, it sounds very interesting, hahaha !
    I’ve got an idea which is for a story with 50’s background
    where Yoon plays a handsome and wealthy guy infesting
    a city like Shanghai in Chine with his power holding sway
    slots in the phrase exactly ” Don’t mess with me ” that kinda
    overbearing and domineering attitude ! ^_^

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    The Lover film came into my mind about this look of SH! It is a very good and romantic film and it has received Oscar award! Although, I think I won’t be able to imagine him as the male leading role! He is not that type… 😀
    Otherwise, the photos are almost perfect, but his finger needs some make up! 😀

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