5 Siblings Of Deoksuri (Premiere)

Finally after almost a year since the filming of this movie had wrapped up last December, it’s release is scheduled on 4th December 2014.  This comedy thriller is about 5 siblings in the village of Deoksuri who are always fighting when they meet but come together to investigate their parent’s disappearance.  Since Sang Hyun had mentioned about the warmth of family in this movie, my guess is the siblings would finally reconcile with each other. 

deoksuri 5-1
deoksuri 5-2

Deoksuri 5-3
I thought it was mentioned in the earlier announcement that Chan Seong would be the main lead but as listed in this site, it seems both Sang Hyun and Song Sae Byeog are the lead actors while the the rest are supporting casts. That’s great. Looking forward to the movie.
Update from media news:

Among the 5 siblings, Su Kyo (Sang Hyun) is the eldest and his character is that of a disciplined but inflexible man. He is serious and respectful, unlike the humorous and lively characters in Sang Hyun’s previous roles. 2nd sibling Dong Su (Song Sae Byeog) is comparable to a gangster but is sensitive like a woman. 3rd sibling Hyun Jeong (I-Ai) is proud but has an innocent mind.  4th sibling is Su Guen (Chan Seong) and the youngest  Su Jeong (Kim Min Ji).
  Park Sun Gyeong (Lee Kwang Su) is a naive policeman.
A recap of their relationship:
Su Kyo & Su Geun ……. blood brothers (same parents)
Dong Su & Hyun Jeong ……  step siblings to the 2 brothers (through their parent’s re-marriage)
Su Jeong …….. their step sister and child of their re-married parents.
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3 Responses to 5 Siblings Of Deoksuri (Premiere)

  1. shandy says:

    Wow, is much much anticipated !
    Looking forward to its screening. Yoon’s character must be
    very interesting and adorable looking at his expressive
    appearance, and an opportunity of admiring his another style
    of consummate and nuanced acting on the big screen too good
    to pass up !

    Sound unpredictable plot with the parents disappearing, and
    there must be contradictory clashes echoing among the five
    siblings from different dads or mums sticking to their own clues
    in the course of finding their lost parents…..but whose dads or
    whose mums have disappeared ? Quite complicated and
    entangled kinship, Su Kyo, Su Geun and Su Jeong’s? Are they
    from the same pa and same ma ? I’m dead curious……

    Yes, as Julee has said, family bond will play its cards rite !^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      From what I remembered of the previous description, the eldest Su Kyo (Sang Hyun) and Su Geun (Chan Seong) are blood brothers (same parents).
      Dong Su (Song Sae Byeog) and Hyun Jeong (I-Ai) are their step siblings (when their parents got married to each other).
      Youngest Su Jeong (Kim Min Ji) is another step sibling from their parent’s re-marriage.
      Does seem like a complicated family.

      A thought which occurred to me is perhaps the parents intentionally disappeared to bring the family together?

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    I would like to see this film as soon as poosible. SH looks like a little bit attorney Cha! 😀 But the other photo on which he holds a chubby cheeked girl (his daughter), they are very lovely… SH really looks like a father type!^^

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