Media Interview (Wstar News) Part 2

My translation from the 2nd article of the Wstar media interview.


How have you been doing since ‘Gapdongi’ had ceased?
I had a relaxing time. I had also prepared for a fan meeting in China.
There will be a movie release during the coming 2nd half.
First fan meeting in China was completed well.
The fan meeting event was conducted for the first time in China.
Though I was a little worried about the activity held in another country, I was thankful for the fans’ enthusiastic turn out. Much effort was put into the fan service but I do not know if it had been satisfactory.
What do you think is the charm that captivates the fans from China?
It seems to be the look of an actor who puts effort into his acting.

Yoon Sang Hyun had started acting at a late age of 31. He is now a little more accustomed to the cheers from the public. The sudden transition from a small beginning role to a leading role has helped him to grow into a dependable actor with a relentless passion for acting.
His face well known in ‘Queen of Housewives’, a season spent with the people in ‘Secret Garden’, a warm story delivered in ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ to showing a new charm in ‘Gapdongi’ ….. the ratings also came out well. Engaging characters that leave a mark on the public. Yoon Sang Hyun would leave a darker imprint whenever the drama ends. Though he debuted much later than others, he enjoyed a happy succession of works within a shorter period. It’s a reward for his acting passion, effort and long time struggles.
Looking at Yoon Sang Hyun’s acting, the word that most often comes to mind is ‘naturalness’.
I’m satisfied if there is such feedback. Naturalness, it should be similar to the normal appearance. It is not easy to act like this in front of the camera. It seems to be due to an awkward and shy personality. Therefore playing in front of the camera makes it easier to act. This does not mean it is just acting. I would retain the original look to keep the character within range.
Your great ability to keep the character’s charm while retaining the original look.
What is the secret?
Firstly it is to study the character thoroughly to understand it. There will be anxiety if the type of character cannot be established. Secondly it’s tenacity. When the feeling is not right, I would make suggestions on how it’s to be done properly until it’s completed. Though the staff were tired, they understood it’s for a good scene. Finally, I will retain my acting style. Another factor is I’m immersed in the character through my own immersion style.
Though the characters have the same occupation, Yoon Sang Hyun makes them unique.
Thinking back on my work on ‘Winterbird’ in 2007. My role as section head Joo Kyung Woo was an ordinary character . An ordinary character in a neutral story wasn’t very competitive. Then the concept of Mama’s boy emerged but the director refused my suggestion.
At that time, I was an amateur actor who had debuted for 3 years. An amateur actor who dares to change the character’s personality. My co-star Park Sun Young starting cheering for the Mama’s boy concept and with the good response, the director finally accepted my suggestion.
Since I was ordered to dress up in smart suits to act as a typical section head, I was like one when on the phone with my mum. I thought too that I had done it uniquely.
Can you tell us about your immersion style?
It is not segregation. It’s imagination. It is helpful to imagine the past, present and future of the character. To be immersed in imagination. When I’m intoxicated as the character itself during acting, its uniqueness will emerge. In ‘Winter Bird’, the results were obtained when I had immersed myself during acting. How to make Joo Kyung Woo come alive in the drama ‘Winterbird’, the thoughts and being immersed as a Mama’s boy concept was the answer.
Looking at Yoon Sang Hyun’s filmography, there were many cases of lead and supporting roles.
I do not think quantity is important. I will do something if it interests me. Rather than acting in a lead role and spending time only in memorizing the script like a parrot, I think it is better to understand the character’s presence. I’ll look for a role in which I can act well when in front of the camera. Due to my late debut, there is much greed for work. While sticking only to leading roles, I’ll keep up with all the good work.
Works without a pause. Many compliments had been heard from all around.
Due to the succession of good luck, the results were good. I have also received a lot of compliments. Every work I’ve done was pleasant and enjoyable and the ratings too came out well. But it was time to face that disappointing feeling. After ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ had ended, I looked back at my original intention. When I started acting, I had forgotten to do many things which I had thought important.



To actor Yoon Sang Hyun, music is as important as acting. God has given him a voice in the drama, not only in movies but in entertainment as well, being able to reveal his talent was like a gift.
At the time when ‘Queen Of Housewives’ was aired, his singing of Boohwal’s Never Ending Story had once again created a subject of conversation. Most of the work he did in which he directly sang the OST had entered Japan and the album made was enough to receive a lot of love for the music.
In ‘Secret Garden’ as the singer character led by the Korean wave, he had tried sweet ballads to dance music. No awkwardness could be found in his screen appearance when he was singing. What does music mean in his life?
Since when did you got involved with music?
It was during schooldays. I bought CDs and tape, it was a hobby memorizing the lyrics by myself and listening to it again. I was a nerd, wearing ear phones on the bus and singing out aloud. As an adult, it would be the norm to sit in the Hongdae clubs to listen to music.
What music genres attracts you?
I like all genres. I especially like black music when I was a high school student. I listen to MC Hammer and rap like Bobby Brown and when I graduated from high school, the range of music I listen to had widened. The range I like was from hard rock to heavy metal.
You seem to have a great interest in being a singer
Actually wanting to be a singer is my greatest thought. To issue a record and to sing just one song on stage, it did not matter what kind of work was done. As an actor too, actually it seems there was a contract to be able to sing one song on stage.
In Japan the regular album had been released so far.
The released album had seen a rising performance in the Oricon charts.
I was happy. From my single to regular album, I am grateful for their liking them. During the concerts and showcase, I have announced the album release and met with the fans. I had gone for many auditions before my debut. I had repeatedly failed at every audition. So it was a dream to be able to sing on stage. It seems like only a dream.
Music. It seems Yoon Sang Hyun and this is inseparable.
It is intolerable to live life without music. It is still my dream to be able to sing with my favorite musician. Afterwards when I get married and build a house, there must be a practice room. Later I would also like to set up a restaurant. Of course I would play my favorite songs and put out all genres of songs.
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5 Responses to Media Interview (Wstar News) Part 2

  1. Mimi says:

    I’m grateful to u dear Julee for translation .. Ur great effort is appreciated and treasured .. Thanks a lot for giving us this wonderful chance to understand our beautiful guy .. :* wish him the best of luck in everything ( marriage , music , career and a good restaurant ) :D. Fighting

    • juleecwk says:

      Most welcome Mimi 🙂 It’s always nice to understand more about SH and his thoughts. If he ever opens a restaurant in Seoul, I will definitely visit it whenever I’m there.

  2. Zsuzsi says:

    I always tought that China is a very good choice for expanding his activity. It’s a very big country with many people and a huge possible customer market! I think the Zoo Coffee advertisement is wonderful idea! I ❤ Zoo Coffee and naturally Sang-Hyeon! 😀 And if he could get a role in a co-production or in a chinese drama or film, that would be great as his popularity could grow! Fighting SH!
    Perhaps, Winterbird wasn't that so extremly good drama, but th characters in it was great! I loved his role very much! That was the first drama for me where I could see a completely different SH or character. He was really a moaning Mom's boy and he did very well! Until then he had acted like a comedian, but in this drama he has shown me his other side of acting talent! Until then he was a good-looking and funny actor for me for whom I was falling, but from then I have realized the real actor, the talent…^^ I think who loves SH, should watch this drama and would understand me! That's why I always wanted to move him from his comfort zone and push him by my written words to move and try out different roles! I was right as he was really good in his last two dramas in different roles! I am happy that he did it!
    And I do agree that not a leading role could be great, but a supporting one, too, just has to act very well!!!
    Regarding music, I am also an "omnivorous", but I have never thought about SH that he liked the heavy metal!!! Wow! I was surprised, but it's a good surprise for me! I think Aerosmith, Scorpion or Led Zeppelin… have fantastic musics! 😀 Sometimes, I feel that I like SH not in vain as it was written in advance…:D
    His dreams… marriage, storey building with sound studio and big garden for dogs, acting and singing and the restaurant.. I wish his all dreams could come true and Julee, I do hope if he has a really good restaurant, we could meet there… 😀 He told that he likes and can cook pasta, then I am waiting for that pasta… 😀 I wonder if he wants to open in Seoul or somewhere closer to his would-be house! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      I wonder if the language barrier would be a problem when acting in a foreign movie. I don’t like watching movies which are dubbed and prefer to listen to the original speech (with subs). If I remember correctly, I think SH had once mentioned in some interview that he would like to set up a restaurant in Ilsan where he was living previously? Doesn’t matter what food as long as SH cooks it, I would love to try it 😀

      After Secret Garden and Tone Deaf Clinic, I’m glad SH had taken on non-singing roles as it gave him a chance to shine in other roles like HMY in Gapdongi. An entirely different but wonderful character. I hope he will surprise us with another different role in his next drama. A villian?

  3. Mimi says:

    Agree with u Suzy , a supporting role could have a great effect on the viewers and I believe that SH has this great ability to control us with his acting talents whatever the role is .. He has proved it with his wonderful performance as attorney Cha and detective HMY (y) … But I don’t imagine SH as a real villian , I can accept him as an honorable thief 😀 .. Great fighting ❤

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