5 Siblings Of Deoksuri (Trailer)

Finally the much awaited movie trailer is out.  Love it and definitely looking forward to its premiere soon. It certainly looks like a fun movie.

deoksuri 5-1b deoksuri 5-2a deoksuri 5-4a deoksuri 5-5a deoksuri 5-6a deoksuri 5-7a deoksuri 5-9b

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4 Responses to 5 Siblings Of Deoksuri (Trailer)

  1. Zsuzsi says:

    It seems to be a crazy and funny film that I would like if I could watch once… SH’s character and his look are very similar to Cha Kwan Woo. As I see he was beaten sometimes in this film… Poor SH! That’s why he wanted to act the leading role of Gapdongi, just not to be beaten anymore! But here he didn’t seem to be a Bruce Lee! 😀 On the 3rd photo his hair is terrible! 😀 But I like SH when he wears spectacles, I think this is one part of his sex appeal. 😀 From this eradiation his face would get a boyish charm, perhaps, there’s a contradiction in what I say, but that’s what I feel… 😀
    And the trailer is very funny, I think we would laugh a lot! 😀 I think this is a family film, so, I do wish that the film’s viewers rate would be high!

    • juleecwk says:

      Even just from this trailer, I’m liking the characters. The last part where Su Kyo asks politely over the phone whether the person is the criminal cracks me up. Also the part where Su Guen tries unsuccessfully to throw Dong Su over his shoulder and getting slapped by the stepsister. I’ve got a good vibe about this movie …. great entertainment to end the year with. Hope we’ll get to watch it.

  2. shandy says:

    Funny tiffs takes place on and off in the family comprised
    of siblings from entirely different parents now being combined
    into one, a lot of funny scenes sparkle from there ^_^

    It’s a fight but I would rather say the second son, Dong Su, the
    first daughter Hyun Jeong who is in the middle of the five siblings
    and the third son Su Geun the 4th sibling are no less than the
    bellicose trio. So fighting and roughhouse always break out and
    turn the whole family into a fighting battlefield.

    Whereas the eldest son the first sibling and the youngest
    daughter are having a big contrast to the above three. The
    eldest brother Su Kyo in the family is more of a peacemaker
    and the youngest Su Jeong treats the bottom of a staircase
    spiraling out of sight.

    No matter how, the truth remains the truth of Su Kyo dashing
    forward to separate his brothers and sister from quarreling when
    seeing his biological brother Su Geun being bullied by Dong Su
    and Hyun Jeong, so we could see blood is still thicker than
    But the fight accompanied with rough and tumble always gives
    rise to a kinda zany amusement. I’ve laughed and laughed after
    watching over and over again.

    It’s absolutely hilarious, funny and entertaining !!~~
    To their parents gone missing, it’s fishy enough of something
    gone awry sparkling an outright search to add to the growing
    more suspicious plot at every turn.
    What the main point worth watching besides making us burst
    into laughter is that of its comedic affection bringing us to their
    fraternal ties is yet incomparable !

    It’s proven quoting Dong Su’s saying ” Always fight making a
    strong family “.
    And it’s dung hilarious with Su Kyo’s humble inquiry of ” May
    I ask if you’re the culprit ? ”
    And anyone else would admit he’s a culprit if there’s a culprit,^_^
    If I’m not getting wrong, Su Kyo always adheres to his principle:
    ” A happy family lives longer with harmonious aura “, that’s the
    role of his formula coming into taking effect. ^_^

  3. Mimi says:

    I’m sure we would have a great fun watching the film .. Wish SH great success .. Fighting ❤

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