5 Siblings Of Deoksuri (Promo Poster)

5 Siblings of Deoksuri, premieres on 4th December 2014.
Watch out, here comes the men and ladies in black …..

Deoksuri poster 1
poster 2

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4 Responses to 5 Siblings Of Deoksuri (Promo Poster)

  1. Zsuzsi says:

    Yes, seeing the second poster, the man in black came into my mind, too! Mainly the singing scene! Perhaps, they could be so famous as the original members of the Man in Black were. Although I don’t know the singing ability of all of them… :DBut they are like a choir! 😀 Every of them are wearing dark sunglasses, except one girl, why? I wonder who sang the OST?

  2. shandy says:

    The second poster of Yoon looks more of the Mr Big or the Mafia
    Boss from the gangland, hahaha ! The most handsome and
    debonair gangleader ~

    I hope Yoon does wanna try something different and be part of
    something he’s always wanted to make it his choicest drama
    script —— a role of the Mafia Boss, cool, dashing and yet
    charming, why not make an upward spiral of thoughts, have a
    try ? His eyes glinting with coolness will hit the rite note and
    still he would have the character maneuvered with his capacity
    of character orientation.
    Looking back at his role of Ha Mu Yeom, the police officer in
    Gapdongi, he’ll know exactly how to pick up his tune of playing
    a cool guy as a gangleader or cold-blooded killer. And these
    outrageous characters hold a top spot in my heart at the moment
    as I am so eager to see a continual transition of him being a
    versatile and talented actor with a further scope of acting horizon,
    his accomplishment yet inclines to bound from peak to another
    by throwing down the gauntlet to a zone that he may be still
    unacquainted with…..he will be growing in his acting career.

    Indeed, 5 Siblings Of Deoksuri has created so many laugh out
    loud scenes, I so much like the van with a carved pumpkin on
    its roof, it’s pretty darn cute and funny and has got many laughs
    out of me. The plot itself is enormously hilarious… enough to
    stir our emotions in high spirit.

    Knowing how to create a comedic attraction, Yoon decisively
    departed his normal charm, still his attractive personal quality
    is going on his way. I think he has created an image that strongly
    represents a humorously resourceful and positive self image, a
    cheerful, joyful, optimistic and positively upward character that
    runs through the entire movie will generally bring the spectators
    a positive world. The amusing and funny acts of other characters
    are also strongly exported, I believe it can fly …..^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      I wouldn’t mind seeing SH as as Mafia boss or an arrogant bad guy. I really like his tough macho image as HMY but no matter what role he takes on, it’s the expression in his eyes that I find most appealing. They always speak volumes.

      Each time I watch this trailer, it makes me laugh. I do think the casts make a great team. Really looking forward to watching this movie.

      • shandy says:

        Exactly !
        Either he dashes forward or he’ll remain at the point
        of origin. A breakthrough needs a lot of guts, he knows
        exactly how good he has already been, good or bad,
        the result of his fruit will justify everything. If we
        trust our eyes, Yoon shall trust his strength and potential.
        He know it far more better than anyone of us here.
        He can be soft to the eye, when he turned into a macho
        guy, he’s another man, chauvinistic, powerful and cocky,
        the glimmer in his eye can be anything as cold as the
        North Pole and as sharp as a sword ready to pierce
        anything standing in his way…….so he shall be
        resolute in making up his mind to take on another
        macho character, that’s what we want !

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