Happiness is ……. (4)

smiles (4)a

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5 Responses to Happiness is ……. (4)

  1. shandy says:

    Happiness is ……
    You dance a nifty idea
    with the languorous afternoon
    Have a sweet-smelling of coffee
    juz to make the blazing sun more envious….

    Happiness is ….
    making a cup of coffee for yourself
    from the package of coffee grounds

    Tearing off the guard
    From the perforated line
    Stretching the right and left wingers
    Fixing them on the rim of cup
    Then mixing the dark brown flecks
    With a welcomed hot pouring
    There they swell and the finest aroma
    Starts wafting up in the amicable atmosphere
    Hmmm…….. what a charming taste
    Spelling loveliness from the wonderful scent
    Leaves the spot of blissfulness
    Sipping a little at a time
    You will be bathed in a room of aroma and happiness……..

    Share with me a cup of black coffee
    I’d steal away you emptiness……..

  2. Mimi says:

    Happiness is watching u flying higher and higher in the sky of great success .. Happiness is having a high – five or just a big smile sent especially for me .. Happiness is knowing u r enjoying good health with ur own children .. U’ll gain my love and support forever , your highness , fighting ❤

  3. Mimi says:

    Ur words about happiness is amazing dear Shandy (y)

  4. Zsuzsi says:

    Happiness??? So many things… For example, seeing this photo of Sang-Hyeon! 😀

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