5 Siblings Of Deoksuri (Movie Showcase)

Movie showcase venue @ Konkuk University New Millenium Hall.
The event should be starting soon at 8pm.
showcase 3showcase 2
showcase 4 showcase 1
Movie promo poster on a bus

movie promo 1 movie promo 2

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One Response to 5 Siblings Of Deoksuri (Movie Showcase)

  1. Zsuzsi says:

    I really appreciate when the Yoony angels feels that the donation is much better than sending beautiful flowers to SH. Those bouquets are really amazing and I am sure SH is very happy seeing them, but I think he is much happier if he know that the love of fans could create happy faces to other people too, who are in need, not just to SH!
    Really thank to all the fans who contributed to this. I see many familiar names between them, so, I am proud that we could be friends! Thank you!

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