‘5 Siblings Of Deoksuri’ Press Briefing (11th November 2014)

Press briefing held at Lotte Cinema at the Konkuk University entrance this morning at 11.
The movie showcase will be held at 8pm this evening at Konkuk University New Millenium Hall.
Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/withsanghyun & from various media reports.
Konkuk Lotte cinema 11-11-2014c Konkuk Lotte cinema 11-11-2014 Konkuk Lotte cinema 11-11-2014d Konkuk Lotte cinema 11-11-2014e Konkuk Lotte cinema 11-11-2014f

Konkuk Lotte cinema 9

Konkuk Lotte cinema 3

Konkuk Lotte cinema 7

Konkuk Lotte cinema 11-11-2014g

Konkuk Lotte cinema

Konkuk Lotte cinema 4

Konkuk Lotte cinema 8

SH 8

SH 17


SH 10

SH 13

SH 18

SH 16

SH 9


SH 15

Konkuk Lotte cinema 10

SH 6
Deoksuri showcase 11-11-2014 (2)
Briquette donation for charity, from Sang Hyun’s fans in support and cheer for 5 Siblings of Deoksuri
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One Response to ‘5 Siblings Of Deoksuri’ Press Briefing (11th November 2014)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Good photos and they seem to be a real family! They are funny persons and I think the mood was good at the press conference. SH’s sweater and his shoes look really good.
    The donation is really great thing and I really appreciate the help of the fans!!!

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