SBS Healing Camp (24th November 2014)

Healing camp
Sang Hyun with Joo Sang Wook and Kim Kwang Gyu will be appearing on the SBS variety show ‘Healing Camp’ together with entrepreneur and culinary specialist Baek Jong Won.  The latter is the only married man among them and the show’s format will have him serve delicious food to the 3 lonely Autumn guys while giving out advice on the secret of marriage. His wife is actress So Yoo Jin.
Baek Jong Won had appeared together with actress So Yoo Jin on Healing Camp back in January 2013.  Since then they had married and their son was born in April this year.
Recording for this episode of Healing Camp will proceed on 12th November and the broadcast on 24th November.  Hope we will get to watch it.
I thought Kim Kwang Gyu is already married or was he engaged as I remember reading about it sometime ago?  It looks like both he and Sang Hyun continue to appear on shows that focus on the lonely Autumn guys.  Hope not for too long. 
Curious as to whether there is such a term as the Autumn guy, I did a search and came across one vague description.  An Autumn lady/guy is someone who seems serious and philosophical, doesn’t talk or smile much and enjoys solitudeDoes Sang Hyun sound like an Autumn person?  Perhaps sometimes when he’s doing his serious thinking in the mountains.  But certainly not when he flashes that sunny smile. 
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5 Responses to SBS Healing Camp (24th November 2014)

  1. Mimi says:

    I like SH even if he’s an autumn guy sometimes .. I often like to be alone thinking and planning for the future and I like to be quiet and concentrating for some time .. I think all of us need that some time .. But for SH who owns the most beautiful smiling face I’ve ever seen , I think he doesn’t always do as he likes to speak and live his live happily .. U r the best guy for all seasons our Prince Charming .. by the way I like autumn very much (the season of romance ) 😉 .. Wish to see that show to enjoy SH feelings and thoughts .. Fighting ❤

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    I am a little bit tired and for the first time when I red the text above, I misred it! I red he would give advices them to the secret marriage! 😀 I was surprised, but perhaps, this is not a stupid thing. Who knows perhaps, one of them is married…???! It was really interesting as I also thought that KKG has already been married. Strange! Otherwise, I think it is strange to give advices to batchelors at their 40th! 😀 I think all of them know whom they want, I mean what kind of partner they need for a life-long period! And if they are not married until now, it doesn’t mean that they had no partner at all, but secretly I am sure! But I wonder what are the advices! 😀
    Autumn lady or man??? I think SH is a complete contrast to the Autumn man. He is not so serious, but surely philosophical. He is always smiling and laughing and talking so much… as it was mentioned many times by himself! 😀 And he doesn’t like to be alone at all, I think he likes to be in the center of the company… 😀 So, he is a Summer type, if there’s such a type! 😀

  3. juleecwk says:

    Dear ladies,
    I think there’s a bit of all seasons in everyone but perhaps each of us have more of one trait than the other. When I think about each season, it brings to mind a certain character …… freshness and innocence of Spring, warm & sporty Summer, cool detached and deep thinking Autumn and cold & remote Winter. SH to me is a summer-autumn person. He might seem very much a Summer type but I get the feeling he needs his Autumn time.

    Zsus, I think BJW is probably sharing some secrets of a happy marriage with the single men? He got married and became a father the following year …… I think that is what SH too would love to do, get married and have children asap. I’m not sure about KKG, is he still considered single until he gets married. But I suppose he wouldn’t mind getting those tips from a happily married man.

    Perhaps the men might share their own dating experiences? Would SH again think about that lady from many years ago?

    • Zsuzsi says:

      I think he is addicted to those memories and perhaps, he didn’t want to change until now. But then why he wrote the lyrics of U-Turn??? Now if he would tell about that girl that would be only from a habit, bad habit! 😀
      Nobody can give good advices as everybody is really different, as, the advices seem to be very good in one marriage, and it won’t work in the other. Of course, little details could help to make a good marriage, but the members of the couple themselves have to experience the common life’s happy and bad days! And I think it is very important that everyone has to give some freedom to the other, but not leave him/her alone!!! And of course they have to respect the other’s opinion and discuss every problems. And sharing the happiness is just as important!!! And the most important love the other with the good and bad properties as everybody has many, and they must not try to change the other, as it it impossible… These are my advices for SH and the others and then their marriage would be long and happy hopefully!

      • juleecwk says:

        You’re right in that every relationship is different. But humans being the way we are, I suppose not every relationship can work out perfectly and at times there’s no happily ever after. It also takes commitment for those who are willing to make a relationship lasts. Good to know you have such an understanding nature dear Zsus, you’ll make someone a great partner 🙂

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