Plans For Marriage Next Year

Congratulations to Sang Hyun on plans for his wedding next year!
So finally the much anticipated news has been officially announced in the media today.  Wedding plans for next year is underway and Sang Hyun hopes to be blessed with much love.  The wedding date has yet to be confirmed.
Sang Hyun was introduced to his girlfriend by acquaintances in April this year and they have been seeing each other for 8 months now.  She’s a writer who’s 6 years his junior and he will be talking about his relationship and marriage plans in the coming SBS variety show Healing Camp in which he had made the surprising revelation. 
As sudden as it may be, to me it’s not really unexpected.  Sang Hyun had repeatedly been talking about his desire to get married since a couple of years ago.  Perhaps it wasn’t the right time to share this news earlier until his marriage plans are finally confirmed. 
It’s a wish come true for me, that Sang Hyun has finally found his special lady.  I hope he can share with us more about her on Healing Camp which will be broadcast on 24th November @ 23:10 (KST).
And m
y next wish …… that he will become a dad the year after.
내년 결혼을 축하합니다
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17 Responses to Plans For Marriage Next Year

  1. shandy says:

    Yoon drops a bomb and has his way throwing us off guard !
    B4 I’m conscious enou to catch up on him kissing a bachelor
    goodbye, I need somebody to hit me with a sledge hammer…..
    I know he’s fully prepared for marriage, mentally and physically,
    and I know he’s been giving inkling now and then, but……. I’m
    not yet fully prepared for his news of marriage coming as a
    bolt from the blue….when I least expect it, does it come too
    soon and too sudden?!! He kept denying he has someone
    special in his heart…….TT

    • juleecwk says:

      Dear Shandy, I know how you feel. Not only you but many other ladies who are equally surprised by this sudden announcement.

      I think it has not been easy for SH too, to have to keep his relationship a secret. It’s a dilemma for many celebrities too. The way I see it from SH’s perspective, since his other relationship didn’t work out ….. perhaps he needed to be really certain that this will last before he openly announces it. And he probably wanted to do so in the coming Healing Camp show and make an official announcement in the media today.

      Even during the recent Showcase when he was asked about marriage, I could sense the hesitation in his answer. It gave me a feeling then that there was something he wasn’t saying. So now I know why.

      Dear Shandy (and to those who are affected by this news), I hope you can feel better soon. I know I could not answer on SH’s behalf but I hope you will continue to love him just the same.

      • shandy says:

        Quote a fan’s saying which lays bare the complex
        feelings that I’m having now…….
        ” Upon hearing the news, I’s not exhilarated, not
        jealous, not aspired, may be a sense of loss,,,,,.
        yet I find no reasons for not extending my heartfelt
        congratulations to him…….

        He’s finally achieved the greatest stepping stone of
        his happiness —— his true luv….. then why should I
        be sad ? Even if I tear I should have to tear for his
        bidding farewell to an island, thinking about the
        horrible loneliness that keeps haunting him, my tears
        shall be turning into joy……..

        Luv him, luv his dog, Manseok, luv his dad and mum,
        and now I’ve to learn to luv his luv —— his angelic
        My dear Julee, don’t worry about me, my support for
        him remains unchanged, unflinching.
        It embraces times spanning from the past, for the
        presence and to the future of him.

        As long as Yoon Sang Hyun still remains as Yoon
        Sang Hyun, one thing he’s sure to promise, live
        a happy life with his luv, always and forever ! !!!

      • juleecwk says:

        Thanks Shandy for that touching quote, so glad for understanding fans who want the best for SH. I’m sure he’ll be happy to know he has fans like you and those who share his joy 🙂

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, it was a K.O. for me, but thank you for the sincerity for that I was waiting for a long time, if it is really the whole truth! I always wanted to know the truth, and I should be happy, but I have to tell who could see me at the moment when I was reading this news, not the happiness is the first thing that from my face comes into mind of someone! 😀 I was always sure that he has a girlfriend, but it’s different to think than know it! 😀 So, I thought it was a promotion for Deoksuri Eagle Brothers, but who knows, perhaps, it’s true! In this film he was married with child, so, he wanted to do it in reality, too! 😀
    I hope she is the real one and she is not just intelligent and lovely, but hopefully he loves SH very much! Love is very important and without it there’s no long and happy marriage. So, if SH announced it then he thinks it seriously! So, we could see soon the Mom to dog Manseok, the second member of the family! 😀 I hope she loves dogs very much and would share the happiness and sadness with SH! I hope SH has chosen well and smartly as always!!!
    Well, I’ve already told that it doesn’t matter what will happen in the future, but I will like and support him forever and ever!
    Although, some details are strange for me… When he told that he loves only one now, it is Manseok. OK, He could have told not the real truth, but if they know each other since this April, why he was wearing the couple ring since last year’s August??? There’s always strange things around SH and he always likes to knock out his fans! Well, I have to tell he was very successful now! Until now this could have been his best performance he ever had! 😀
    Congratulation, but sometimes think about those, who also loves you, like your fans!
    I just wonder who is the fiancé as nobody mentioned her name. If she is writer or journalist, many people has to know her! Well, let’s see the next piece of puzzle…! 😀

  3. Lichi lisy says:

    But why did he say in the last interview that although he wants to marry he doesn’t found the lady ??? I don’t understand but hope he will be happy, married or unmarried. I think this is too early, their parents don’t know each other. We’ll see!!!

  4. Mimi says:

    I congratulate SH from my heart but I’m surprised by the news and ask myself why didn’t he tell us before .. Perhaps testing his feelings , I mean to be closer to her seeing if she shares him his interests or not , prepare everything with her before it’s officially confirmed and of course that needs time .. And how could they date and his parents don’t see the lady ? Is it a top secret 😀 I would be happier if he told us from the beginning .. A crazy idea jumped to my head as Suzy said : a promotion for the new film ? Perhaps 😀 anyway I’ll love and support him married or not wishing him happiness in all conditions ❤

  5. juleecwk says:

    Dear ladies, Though I believe that SH has his reason for denying his relationship all this time, it does give me a sense of unease. This sudden admission and announcement of preparing for marriage must have been a let down for those who have always believed in him.

    As mentioned, I cannot answer on his behalf but I believe in him. I hope he can clarify this unusual situation in Healing Camp. If I put myself in his shoes, was the denial to protect the lady since she’s not a celebrity? Was it so that she would not be put in the spotlight until their relationship is ready to be shared with everyone? Was this decision to marry just recently? There must be so many questions that everyone wants to ask. So let’s hope SH can give his side of the story.

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      Here in Europe, if the marriage is urgent then the child is coming! 😀 But as SH gives a longer time for wedding, so only at the first part of 2015… Well I don’t know! 😀 Although, it would be good to see the little SH, children are so lovely and the continuation of our life! 😀 Or something else made him decide… It’s not easy to train the dog… 😀 Sorry, I am just joking… But I have to make myself happy, if he doesn’t do it! If you really love someone than you have to let him go and be happy… although, it’s not easy! 😀
      Jeezvive, I think neither of us had any chance to marry him… 😀 He have never had chance to know up us from close… I saw him really happy when he huged his Manseok! His face was completely different… Yeah, I think he is really happy now!

      • juleecwk says:

        In the recent Wstar media interview, SH had mentioned that he had been saving up and was preparing a home for marriage. So perhaps that was already a strong hint from him. And Mansuk is probably also part of the plan. I’m really happy for him. Hope we get to see a pic of his bride-to-be 🙂

  6. Jeezvive says:

    Aw! I cant help but have mixed feelings with this news! T_T our favorite bachelor is now engage to marry someone else, and not me 😦

    But i am really happy for him that he has found that person to spend his life with. He must be feeling so happy and in love these days

    • juleecwk says:

      Dear JV, don’t feel so sad *hugs* Even if SH is not getting married now, he will eventually so there’s never a right time to make the announcement. I’m just glad that he’s found his soul mate. Hope she shares his interests and most of all, love and support him always.

  7. shomangaka says:

    I trust YSH, he’s a careful and patient man who takes marriage very seriously. I’m sure he found the right lady, I hope we get to know a little bit about her. I wish them well.

    • sheeprondo says:

      Now that Sang Hyun has found the right lady to spend and share his life with, the next thing we look forward to is the Sand Hyun junior 🙂

  8. says:

    I was quite shock at first but at the same time i really felt happy for SH now that he finally found his true love.wishing him and his girlfriend all the best!

  9. Dubukat says:

    Glad to hear it! I was getting worried that he hadn’t already married, but maybe he didn’t feel secure in his career until now or didn’t find anyone he melded with.

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Dubukat, glad that we think the same. I had been hoping for a long time that he will find his soul mate and now that it’s happened, it’s wonderful. Hope that they will have a blessed life together and SH can become a daddy soon after.

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