Living A Joyful Life

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Now that the initial shock is over, hopefully the heaviness of heart for many has eased a little. 
Perhaps it had been too much to be told all at once when it could have been revealed a little more gently.  For those who had somehow known it by intuition, it would have been a final confirmation.  And for those who had simply wished that he will find his happiness, it is a wish finally fulfilled. 
I was looking through that Wstar media interview which I had translated recently and the signs were there actually.  Sang Hyun had talked about his preparation for marriage, wanting to live a more meaningful and joyful life.  Even then, it had struck me that perhaps that day would not be too far ahead.

The following passages from the media interview (my blog post on 26th Oct 2014)
Now that Sang Hyun has reached his 40s, he has been doing a lot of thinking. Of course he has concerns about acting but he has increased worries about how to live his life. Since he started hiking as a hobby, it has led him to think of how to live a better life. Climbing a mountain has changed his view of life and the idea is to live a meaningful life. There has been much mention of marriage around him and since he’s growing older, he has to also think of managing his home.
What about living alone? It seems he has a wish to get married.
I have been living alone for several years but I’m still not used to it. At this age, living apart by myself makes me feel at ease but still it would be better for me to live with family. I have thought about marriage. I am also making preparation for marriage, saving money and making provision for a house.
The kind of actor he would like to be and his ultimate goal
I want to be an actor who is consistent in acting well, to receive the respect of my juniors eventually and that my name as an actor will remain for a long time. My ultimate goal is to live a joyful life as I continue acting, not as the actor Yoon Sang Hyun but as Yoon Sang Hyun the person.



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6 Responses to Living A Joyful Life

  1. Mimi says:

    I wish u the most happiness oppa .. May all ur dreams come true .. I’ll love & support u forever ❤

  2. Zsuzsi says:

    Today morning I have accidentally watched the Zoo Coffee’s advertisement, the videoclip again and that scandal at the beginning of it made me smile. Yes, SH perhaps, knew well that he wants to tell to everyone what is the situation with his personal life and he tried to send signs to the fans. I wonder who’s idea was that scene???! That was my question then, too! Nowadays, as the majority of people is not so sensitive for the signs of the things of live we cannot realize these and we are unable to know what could happen, even in our lives. I think I have a special sensitivity or intuition with that I could remark such things which are unvisible for others. Everyone was born with this ability, but as we are getting older we loose it, perhaps, why I have this ability since I have been hit by a car. It’s strange…
    Otherwise, I think it would have been better to tell the whole truth continuously or partially, not to cause such a big shock for fans. Now telling that he has girlfriend and later that he wants to marry, or is it so urgent…? 😀
    Yes, that speach from SH was strange for me as it seemed to me like a summary of his life until now, or a farewell saying from that everything will be changed. Well, perhaps, a marriage is a big change in the life of a person, but the other part of his life would be the same, so, it’s not a completely change as the fans will remain and they would like to meet him again and again. And hopefully, the “relationship” with fans won’t be changed! Which won’t be so easy for his wife, even if she is working in the media, too.
    I know SH’s life is not so easy as we think, even if he is a star. There’s a big pressure on him what to do and how to do, how he could save his personal life and how he could find the balance beetween the personal and business lives. Not long ago he told that he has a big self-confidence nowadays, although, this wasn’t always so…, but I do hope that he has really strong self-confidence to achieve his goals. I wish him many strength and endurance! And a happy life with his new family! And a big kiss for Manseok whom I love very much as the first member of this family! 😀 By the way, I am really curious for the second member, too! 😀
    One of the hungarian fans commented this announcement on our common page of Korea, he was brave to annouce it! I do agree with her very well!
    Have a long, healthy and happy life! And I could repeat my sentence from my message of February: “I will always support and love you, it doesn’t matter what will happen in the future!’

    • Zsuzsi says:

      Otherwise, I am really sorry that the Little Prince has vanished…

    • juleecwk says:

      Perhaps SH has reached this point in his life where he is ready to move on to another milestone, to settle down and have his own family. I know this sudden announcement of marriage had taken many by surprise, akin to hitting them with a sledge hammer. But I think I can understand why SH had not let on about his relationship earlier.

      They had only met in April so would he have wanted to announce it when they were just getting to know each other? It could be only recently that he had made his big decision. But I can also understand why some fans might have felt let down due to his constant denials. It’s not easy being a public figure where one’s personal life is of interest to the public. I’m glad he has finally decided to share this news with us and he can now move forward. Hope he will share with us more about his special lady.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        You misunderstood me Julee, I meant another thing. He should have annouced that he has a girlfriend after the fanmi and later at Xmas party or in Januar that he wants to get marry soon. Which won’t be so big shock at once as the fans could have been used to the possibility of the would-be marriage. But it doesn’t matter as instead of small shocks, he has showered the big shock into our neck! 😀
        I am very curious about the look of that lady as she could be clever and intelligent if she is a producer and author and she has surely vivid fantasy! 😀 There are not too much ladies who have the same profession in Korea as I have seen in the list, so, I am curious which of them could be the right lady! 😀

      • juleecwk says:

        Agree with you Zsuz, that it would have been better if the announcement had been made in 2 parts. That’s what I meant about doing it in a gentler way instead of giving it out all at once. Let the initial news sink in first before the next shocker 😀 But I believe he probably wanted to be sure of this relationship before he makes it known. The fact that he was openly wearing that ring could be his way of saying it without actually admitting it haha.

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