‘5 Siblings Of Deoksuri’ Movie Poster

movie poster
A second movie poster for ‘5 Siblings of Deoksuri’ which is a parody of the 2003 horror movie A Tale of 2 Sisters.  Their relationship is somehow reflected in their expression, with brothers Su Kyo and Su Geun with a wary look on their faces while turning away from their step siblings Dong Su and Hyun Jung.
deoksuri 5
Su Kyo the peace-maker
, trying to intervene in the squabble between Su Guen and Hyun Jung
su kyo
Sang Hyun feels that he is more similar to the 2nd character Dong Su
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One Response to ‘5 Siblings Of Deoksuri’ Movie Poster

  1. Zsuzsi says:

    Does he really think??? 😀 We may think now that he is a bad boy, but I mean not such a way! Although, first I should see all the film and then I could tell the difference or the similarity, but I don’t think so. He is much faraway from such a bad boy I could have seen from the film until now, but I think the original actor’s personality is also very faraway from Dong Su’s character. 😀 Sometimes he seems to be so uncertaine and who needs help, mainly based on his comedies, but I think SH is very concious and he always decides after considering what the best is for him! He is planning also his career conciously, not just his life!

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