Photoshoot For Cosmopolitan Pictorial

Sang Hyun in a photoshoot for the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan which is reminiscent of Christmas with that bright red and silver with navy stripe suits.  Makes me think of James Dean and Tae Bong with that swept up curly hair.
I’m a bad boy, bad bad boy …….


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6 Responses to Photoshoot For Cosmopolitan Pictorial

  1. Jeezvive says:

    looking so carefree in a red suit! ^_^

  2. sheeprondo says:

    What a lovely man 🙂
    Like the striped suit so much!
    Sang Hyun looks perfect in it.

  3. Zsuzsi says:

    Sorry, but this hairstyle doesn’t work for me! For me his hair seems to be a wig from the 18th century of France, although it is not white! 😀 Taebong has much better hairstyle! But as always his hair is so shiny!^^
    The striped suit is very good and suit him very well with the beige Garbo! If we are talking about the Christmas that suit is like a painted glass globe on the Xmas tree! Yes, the feeling is really Xmas-time. And SH in red suit made me laugh! 😀 When Santa Claus comes with his sledge, there are always some (in hungarian) Krampusz with him, I don’t know how to tell in english, little devil??? And he seems to be the same figure but the little horns are missing! But they are black and red and they are always laughing… They are really lovely, like SH! 😀 I would really love to see SH Krampusz at my Xmas tree, then Santa is not so important! 😀
    I love the 2nd photo very much!!!

  4. says:

    He ‘s so cute in those 2 suits?

  5. Mimi says:

    So cute but the hairstyle is a little bit strange for me 😀

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