Sang Hyun & Maybee

sh mb (2)
Updated photo of Maybee taken in March 2014
Sang Hyun’s bride-to-be is finally revealed and she’s none other than singer-song writer and radio DJ Maybee (Kim Eun Ji).  Not only is she beautiful but she’s talented and has a great voice too.  Would love to hear Sang Hyun and Maybee sing a duet together.
Sang Hyun’s agency MGBent has revealed that the couple first met through acquaintances in April and had started dating seriously in July.  Though the wedding date has yet to be determined, they are now making preparation for marriage next year.  The couple have also recently met up with both their parents.
Here are a couple of her MVs.
메이비(MayBee) – Odd Eye (오드아이)  December 2013
메이비(MayBee) – Sunny Tomorrow (내일도 맑음 M/V)  October 2013
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Updated with more recent photos taken in 2014
Radio showcase
Maybee hosting a radio show in Yeouido in March 2014
maybee 3
At the KBS quiz show ‘The 4 Musketeers’ in June 2014
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12 Responses to Sang Hyun & Maybee

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Though Maybee is not exactly the type I expect Sang Hyun would marry, she is beautiful and charming 🙂

  2. Zsuzsi says:

    Maybee! It’s an interesting name and it shows, she is not a simple person! I heard her many songs and saw videoclips and I think she is very talented and a funny and vivid person! Just like SH! I think the music and the similar personality brought them together! I think she is a little bit extravagant and casual person (in a good way! 😀 ) and this also fits to SH’s personality. As I heard they were born in September, so, they are Virgins, this and the similar personality could cause some problems, but let’s admit in which marriage there’s no! 😀 As I see she likes animals and this is also common, and I think she loves Manseok very much! I wonder if she has any pets at home. I think she has a very strong personality and she knows what she wants. That’s good as she can help to SH in many way with advices and perhaps, with good songs. And finally she is very nice, she has very big eyes and a little chubby cheeks, which suits her very well. If she is just she shows herself in her videoclips, she could be a really interesting and entertaining person.
    So, I think SH has chosen very well! I also thought that SH would choose anyother type of lady, but she is just like as SH. So, I think they are on the same wave, so, that’s why SH choosed her from the many-many beautiful and clever korean woman around him…
    Congratulation and have a happy life together! 😀

    • Zsuzsi says:

      By the way, Julee, today is the 3rd year that I have beeen commenting here! 3 years ago I didn’t think that the above comment will be my jubileum! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      I think they are a lovely couple. Hope we can hear them sing a duet together and they can sing it during their wedding next year 🙂 Hope SH can post a pic of them together with Manseok.

      • Zsuzsi says:

        Hope, too! 😀 I am curious a duett together as I don’t know if their voice is compatible or not, but in a perfect song surely! Go for it Yoon-Kim couple! 😀
        Lichi, she is chubby, but not in body, but in cheeks! 😀 Your last comment was great, just like I would have told it! 😀 Maybee… 😀 😀 😀 It has two meanings! Hopefully, she may not be bee as then she is piercing! 😀 Sorry, for the name-joke! But I really like her name, it is so funny and witty! Perhaps, someone would tell me from where she could received it, I mean her nickname or artist name!

      • juleecwk says:

        Edited comment ….. Just came across photos of Maybee taken earlier this year which shows her with a more fleshy and mature appearance. So she’s not really so skinny now and just what SH would like. Those photos I posted earlier were from her younger days.

  3. Lichi lisy says:

    I remember sang Hyun oppa saying that he likes the chubby type. Well, she’s very thin. 😀
    Congrats and hope this last forever!!!!

  4. Lichi lisy says:

    Maybee… She’s the one! 😀

  5. Mimi says:

    Dear ladies , u r so lovely indeed .. Me too , I want happiness for them and wish they cooperate to produce a great duet .. But the most important to me is having a baby ( I’m sure SH agrees with me ) 😀

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