5 Siblings Of Deoksuri Trailer (7 mins)

More choice footage from the movie


4bThese cuties should be the 5th sibling Su Jung as she’s growing up.
4Having to keep the peace whether it’s at home or in school.
So Hyun Jung is a pole dancer.  No wonder I-Ai had pledged to do the pole dance if the movie achieves the target audience of 3 million.
Su Jung crying over the phone, saying Mum and Dad is very sick and to please hurry back.
Could mum and dad be faking their disappearance to bring the siblings together?






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3 Responses to 5 Siblings Of Deoksuri Trailer (7 mins)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I do want to watch this film as it could be very funny! 😀 When SH is on all fours, like a dog 😀 and the dog is just wathcing them! I wonder what SH does??? 😀 And HCS gives a very good target to the attack! 😀 And this dog is a Rottweiler, so, not easy to run away from her! 😀 Perhaps, SH knows only border collies well as he doesn’t seem to be very scared! 😀
    The first hairstyle with the glasses didn’t suit to SH, but when his hair is in his forehead that’s good! And SH is the peacemaker! 😀 😀 😀 With not too good result! 😀
    Otherwise, pole dancing is getting more and more popular in Budapest mainly among the 25-35 years old ladies. There are some Sportcenters where you can learn it! Famous female gymnast and acrobat teach the ladies. I have to admit it is very hard as you have very stong arm muscles and who feels dizzy that should avoide faraway this new sport. And there are many injuries during practicing. It’s a very sexy, but very hard sport, although, many people have wrong association relating to it.

    • juleecwk says:

      From the trailer, SH and SSB were running from the dog and climbing up onto the top of the police car. This movie is funny and I’m really looking forward it. Love all the characters.

      Pole dancing is seductive so it does give a certain impression. As you said, it’s not easy to do it unless one has strong arms and legs. Another form of seductive dance is belly dance which is a good exercise for the waist and hips.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        I was unable to open the clip yesterday, but now I could do it! It was funny! So, Rottweiler is not a family dog, but a very good watchdog! And they are very brave dogs, although, I have to admit the dog which was living in our house was really afraid of my shephard dog, even if my dog was only 12 kgs!!! 😀 So, the Pumi hungarian shephard is the best all over the world! 😀
        I do want to watch the film and I think I would laugh a lot! I think each character is very good and SH’s role suits him very well, the director has chosen very well!
        I like the bad boy’s role also very much, I know why SH wanted that role. SSB is very good for that role, he really seems to be like a mafia member or jakuza… 😀 I haven’t seen him only in the Love Clinique,but there he wasn’t so well-marked… But now I would watch some films from him as he is good!
        Regarding belly dance, it’s much easier than pole dance, but it’s really very seductive! 😀

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