Sang Hyun & Maybee’s Wedding Date Confirmed

Sang Hyun and Maybee’s wedding date to be on 8th of February 2015. 
Sang Hyun’s agency MGBent has confirmed the wedding date to be 8th of February next year.  Acquaintances had also revealed the wedding date on today’s SBS Power FM radio show with DJ Jung Chan-Woo and Kim Tae-Kyun.  As they were announcing the good news of guest Jo Jae  Yoon’s wedding date on 7th February next year, they then added that 8th February would be Sang Hyun’s wedding. 
That’s certainly fast as all the announcement was made within a week.
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11 Responses to Sang Hyun & Maybee’s Wedding Date Confirmed

  1. Zsuzsi says:

    Congratulation! They are very fast, I wonder why they must run so quickly, but they know the motive. Perhaps, they want children very quickly as for both of them are the time is here… I think they will have very nice children! 🙂 I wonder where the wedding will be and where they go for a honeymoon, if they have time for it!

    • Zsuzsi says:

      By the way it came to my mind if the events come so quickly sequentially, as we receive newer and newer news about they relationship in every week, I wonder if the next week they will tell us the name of the children…? 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Yes, really fast haha. I couldn’t help thinking if it’s also because of SH’s dad. I hope he’s in good health but SH has mentioned before that his parents are getting old. Looking forward to their wedding next year and hope his next announcement after that would be about SH junior 🙂

  2. shandy says:

    Oh, dear Zsuz, as quick as instant noodle, preparing and eating
    all are wrapped up within a second, even space shuttle is
    considered a lag ! Haahaa~~

    • sheeprondo says:

      It was a surprise to me that Maybee is already 35.
      She looks like a girl in her late teens or early twenties to me especially the way she dresses and smiles 🙂
      Lucky girl!
      She is pretty and cute but does not seem very cheerful or chubby.
      Does she like hiking and fishing?
      Hope she will bring love and happiness and lovely children to Sang Hyun 🙂

      • juleecwk says:

        Think many of those pics are of Maybee during her younger days. The pics of her in that polka dot dress in my earlier post is of her from this year. And she’s not so skinny in those pics, which should suit SH well. Not sure about her hobbies though, but they make a lovely couple.

  3. sheeprondo says:

    I read from a website that her weight is only 40kg.

  4. shandy says:

    I hope it isn’t a blast-off of space shuttle ! ^_^
    Coming too soon too quick too hard to digest,
    oppa, can you slow down the pace ~~

    • juleecwk says:

      I think SH probably can’t wait to get married and wants to make all the announcements as soon as possible.
      Their parents met recently so maybe they’ve also discussed and confirmed the wedding date.
      He did say that if the right woman appears, he will get married tomorrow.
      And that tomorrow is not too far away 🙂

  5. Mimi says:

    I admit the time confirmed is a big surprise to me 😀 but it’s ok .. Enjoy ur life and happiness ,our beautiful guy with the lady u have chosen .. We are so happy for u and congratulation from my heart ❤ ❤

  6. Zsuzsanna says:

    I wonder why Maybee doesn’t appear in front of the audience and she is too silent. Why??? Everyone can be seen with his boyfriend or girlfriend, but there’s no common photo about them. Why??? As I see her on that photo of this year, she could be at least 47 – 50kgs, so, she is not so slim which is very good as a very slim girl is unable to birth easily a child… So, she is good on that photo! She could be special in something if SH loves her, besides her pretty face and the music. But from the songs where I saw her funny, I was unable to know anything about her.
    Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the Healing camp today, but I would like to see as perhaps, SH told anything about her.

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