SBS One Night Of TV Entertainment (English Subs)

Sang Hyun with Song Sae Byeog, Chan Seong and Lee Kwang Su on SBS One Night Of Entertainment fast ball interview which was shown on 12th November 2014.  He seems to enjoy teasing Lee Kwang Su.
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6 Responses to SBS One Night Of TV Entertainment (English Subs)

  1. Mimi says:

    They are definitely very lovely guys .. I laughed a lot 😀 but please SH stop teasing LKS 😀 .. I’m sure now u have someone to talk to .. It’s great u have said : no to loneliness 😉 .. Go ahead to the top of happiness and we are always with u ❤

  2. Zsuzsi says:

    During this interview SH was very communicative attacking the other actors. “Our alien” could say such strange things that I would have never waited from him… I was thinking about many times if SH is acting during any interview or speach or his mentality is so different from the others. 😀 Perhaps, we should examine him from very close, who know??? 😀 He mentioned that he would like to play together with KNJ actress again and if he would find a woman like her he would marry immediately. I wonder if MB is such a person??? 😀 Or SH was only joking as always… 😀 Although, her eyes are enough big, like KNJ’s ones! 😀
    Although, it was very funny, but poor LKS was attacked many times. Why? Perhaps, LKS could have interfered him by his dominance? 😀 LKS is a very funny and lovely person and I like his acting very much! I love his facial expression when SH was attacking him! 😀 I laughed when he regretted for SH and wanted to visit him more time. By the way, SH has mentioned that they live very close to each other! I wonder what he meant, the new house or somewhere in Seoul?
    SSB could be a silent and intelligent person and his long hair is amazing. I think he is very calm and noone could bring him out of his forebearance! He was very good for this role! And he also has very lovely smile! 😀
    CS is not just a good singer, but a very good actor, too. Not in vain SH wanted him to stop his musical activity, perhaps, then SH would have bigger chance in Korea! 😀 I am just joking as they play completely different music. 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      SH probably means his current apartment since he said his house overlooks LKS’s house. From previous knowledge, SH is staying at the apartment blocks behind Geumho market. For SH’s new home he might probably want a house with a yard, for Manseok so it should be a house by itself. He had also mentioned previously he wanted a small garden at the front of his house and of course his music practice room.

      I’ve not been following LKS but from the few times I’ve seen him in Running Man and now with SH, he’s quite a nice and funny guy. Think he just got some award recently. SSB is more the quiet type, an introvert who doesn’t like to talk much. Think that ‘gangster’ role as Dongsu suits him very well. As for CS, I should check out his singing in 2PM.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        When SH was at the 33rd? award ceremony as he have given the award to his friend actress and he was waiting for handing over the award he was sitting among the actors and actresses. And LKS was sitting just behind and he was so lovely and funny. You can rewatch it, I laughed a lot. He was very good in the korean drama Dongi. I laughed a lot about him! 😀

  3. karamel says:

    When he said he thought he is an alien’ child, i think about Maybee in interview i saw on Pops In Seoul, she said she want to be 1 of 4 people to Mars not comeback and in mv Tomorrow of her, she played an alien, waiting for UFO. Haha they are dreamers and 4d too.

    • juleecwk says:

      Perhaps SH feels he thinks differently from others and he has a vivid imagination? I’ve watched that MV you mentioned and the recent ones Maybee did in 2013, and I like them. She has a nice voice, hope she will write songs for SH in future. Would love to hear them sing a duet together.

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