Cosmopolitan Star Interview

Star interview on Cosmopolitan on 20th November 2014
Yoon Sang Hyun radiates positive energy
I had left out the first paragraph as I was uncertain of a couple of sentences. Anyway it was about what Sang Hyun had said during the Deoksuri movie press briefing on 11th November 2014.

The autograph signing event has held in Shanghai not long ago. These days, there is great popularity of Gapdong in China? The mood of the fans would be slightly different in every country. Which country would make you think that ‘If I go to this country, I can live like a King.’?

Ah, I was really surprised when I went to Cuba last year. I realized that the airport staff from the cleaning lady to the police and soldiers, all of them recognized me. The season of ‘My Fair Lady’ was being aired then. It is good that it was so popular in a country which watches only Latin American dramas. Was I more popular than the Cuba President? Haha.

From what has been heard about the casting of Mr Yoon Sang Hyun in ‘I Hear Your Voice’ and ‘Gapdong’ also directed by PD Jo Su Won, he had liked the idea of Mr Yoon Sang Hyun’s ‘positive personality but not acting as one’.

Tone of dialogue too, it may be just the tone but the producer tells me my eyes are good. Last Winter we were camping in Tae-an because of filming and the producer came down. It was the first time he had looked for someone in this manner for casting. At first I had just wanted to see the script of ‘Gapdong’ which he showed me.
Though it was very interesting, I did not want the role of ‘Ha Mu Yeom’. For example, I could act very well as ‘Oska’ in ‘Secret Garden’ and my thought was could I have done such a different role? But no matter how I looked at ‘Ha Mu Yeom’, I was not sure I could do it well. I like it to be fun, ‘Ha Mu Yeom’ might be too serious. Early in the drama, it was a real struggle as the character was not captured well.
I did my best of course.

Taebong in ‘Queen of Housewives’ was like his ‘twin’, how about ‘Ha Mu Yeom’?

So far I have never before had talks ‘fighting with myself’, but I had to do battle with myself on ‘Ha Mu Yeom’. It was a character I had to overcome. So far ‘Gapdong’ was one of the most difficult work I’ve done.
God, why did it require so much stamina? …… I am weak, with little stamina. Have you seen kids falling down when young? I was like that. So at home, I had to take those awful nutritious supplement but its effect was not much. So I thought ‘Ah, I should not play the main role.’ I had really wanted to act in what did not cover the main-supporting role.

It’s absurd!

It’s true! Though PD Jo Su Won had said ‘Give up Ha Mu Yeom’ but is Gapdong only seen as an aspiring killer drama? In the first place, I know this is not the work in which I can get attention. However I selected it with the thought that this is an opportunity where I must act to support the other actors.

Did you hesitate since this was your first drama done on a cable channel?

Not at all because of that. Before ‘I Hear Your Voice’, I had agonized over ‘Nine’. This work is written by writer Song Jae Jung who had given me a good recommendation after seeing me in Keu Keu Island. If I like the work, I will go anywhere. There will be many more acting days ahead, what is the reason for not doing this or that?

Anyway, the rave reviews received as a well-made drama. What percentage is your score?
Ah this, am I still saying what percentage? I have never thought about this. I’m just glad that the drama is completed well. Since I like mountain climbing, I will use the mountain as an analogy. ‘Gapdong’ was a steep mountain which I should overcome and not be worried about. Anyway I’m satisfied that I have crossed that mountain. ‘Gapdong’ was a work which had given me back my ‘first principle’. The tension was not there.

Were there any after effects?
Oh after the drama ended, it was really difficult to get out of it. With frantic mountain climbing and riding a bike, I could still not overcome it. So I got a puppy at a sale. My parents have always kept dogs, it’s therapeutic for people when they keep animals.

Let me show you Manseok and Dongseok. (Shows videos on the smart phone)

Look at that, isn’t it cute? Do you know Border Collies are the smartest dogs in the world? Dongseok is a Jindo and Sharpei mix. He is also smart. With previous animals, I like dogs the most. So building a house with a spacious yard.
(Dongseok is Sang Hyun’s other dog)

Yes, I got that. Let us talk about the movie.

At the ‘Deoksuri’ press briefing, you said you had very much wanted the role of Dong Su which Mr Song Sae Byeok has undertaken?
I had very much wanted to try such a role since the earlier days.  I’m an unethical, immoral person so why be a support for an ethnics teacher.

This being the 2nd movie after ‘Tone Deaf Clinic’, it is also released during Winter.

Sort of, it is with the aim to give the feel of a special year-end comedy.
I like comedy. I think thriller or melodrama and similarly comedy would be great. Of course it had to be well made. If a divine being were to show up in all Korean comedies, you might think it is producer Chon Hyeong Jun. When I’m acting, let’s say I absolutely will not make any NGs, what do I think is my strength as an actor? Strength? It would be acting with sincerity.

You had often mentioned during interviews that “I would like to be an actor who would receive the respect of my juniors”.
I did. When I look at those wonderful senior actors, I would say ‘I would like to act like that’. Later during broadcast, if anyone were to say “I want to be an actor who is bright, positive and full of energy like senior Yoon Sang Hyun” I think it would make me feel proud. If I want to listen to that voice, I would have to work even harder from now on.

Personally it has been said many times that what is important is not the speed but the direction.

I will go slowly. Safe speed is 80km/hr. And I think the direction is not to be greedy, study hard and understand the roles that come to me and remain a good actor. When I want to have this work and I want to do this role, I would have become greedy. Would I go to Cannes? I have never thought of that. I am trying to remain a calm actor. My greatest goal nowadays is to manage a good home.

By the way, why isn’t there a woman?
(this question is no longer relevant)

I believe in fate. If it’s fated to come, it will come.

When it’s 10 years, many things would have changed.

When it’s the 11th year of your debut, what changes will take place?
I would like to film more movies. More than in dramas, I like to have a variety of characters.

Even if I die, I will not take on this kind of acting. Is there such a thing?

I will never do bed scenes. Even if it’s said to give a lot of money, I will not do it. No confidence in the body and once the clothes are removed, you do not do the dialogue. Haha.
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One Response to Cosmopolitan Star Interview

  1. shandy says:

    It’s a good sign of shifting his inclination to aim at playing a
    role that is strong and full of momentum. But he’s not offered
    to have this opportunity in Five Eagles Brothers, instead the
    pd of I Can Hear Your Voice paved a way for him to reach his
    dreamed role in Gapdongi. However, realizing his confidence
    being played on the verge of swinging through from this interview,
    I am put on the tenterhooks again….

    Yoon’s aspirations are my inspiration in fact.
    I’m not an expert in the field of acting, but I do believe he shall
    open the door for more choices to come in, instead of focusing
    on one area or two.
    Acting is full of craft and skill, relating plethora masked emotions
    running onto the surface, with stimulation of imagination and

    His remarkable artistic skill of doing the cartwheels, he’s
    energetic; In ICHYV, his agility is on par too by lifting his body
    with one arm pressing the ground, while both his legs giving a
    clean sweep of kicking off the field had delivered a nice finish,
    and I luv watching it so much, juz couldn’t imagine how he did it.
    The successive actions require a great deal of stamina and
    strength—— I’m convinced Yoon made it on his own.
    That’s why he used to luv hiking a lot, giving himself more space
    to move around the mountains, searching for inspiration and
    aspirations, and he gains a lot of energy and power at the same

    Look at Ha Mu Yeom’s actions displayed in Gapdongi, his
    amazing performance has caught my breath, and his impressive
    emotional expressions keeps sweeping my mind back now and

    The very first time he’d played a good part of a tough and manly
    guy like HMY, strong and adamant. He stunned me when HMY’s
    persistency clashed with his superior and rival as well, YCG’s
    stark cavalier, letting my mind soar up out of the gravity. And the
    ensuing hostility coming along the way , with HMY’s running the
    gauntlet of clearing his father’s reputed stain and YCG’s stifling
    stance by continuously banging HMY with a chair, the kinda
    seething anger associated with spiritual momentum erupted at
    a dash, I had shouted ” Bravo !” Both of them did a tremendously
    good job, never and ever have I seen Yoon bust a gut, the
    subliminal indignation and his underlying potential of coherent
    elements, all but none can be escaped through his outmaneuvering
    the character with his splendid expression of eye, he’d pumped in
    a plethora power and energy, vigor and vitality to HMY the kinda
    effect that jarred me to the core. HMY had given me a yippee !
    I wanna see more of this kinda powerful sparkle and twinkle in his
    eye up and again !
    The explosive grill handled with coarse methods and manners
    had given rise to an apprehensive curiosity, unavoidably bringing
    about the climax of the drama itself unprecedentedly.

    Yoon walked his skills, by no means he can be very good provided
    he injects prodigious confidence into himself , and I always believe
    by knowing his way, he could gain his way….
    He’s swung my mood at his will, this time for HMY, I’m completely
    sold !

    Yoon can work wonders, if he’s committed in his conviction of
    showcasing his inner power, he can be good, and still can be very
    good, as acting is boundless and limitless.
    With rectification and gradation of thoughts, he has successfully
    made a hero of himself, unintentionally and unknowingly.

    It’s not a thing of holy grail, with a rite format meeting up with the
    genre’s appeal, everything can be made possible from impossible.
    My dearest Sang Hyun oppa, always give yourself a chance , the
    door is then open for you. I’m assured with a good part to play,
    what you lack in your innateness, you could make it up with your
    talents of acting charms…. and charisma ! Fighting, I’m always
    behind you ! ^_^

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