Sang Hyun’s Facial Analysis

Besides the much anticipated confession by Sang Hyun on Healing Camp, another interesting segment was when the face reading expert Park Sung Jun gave a face reading analysis on Sang Hyun’s personality and prediction.
2aSang Hyun’s personality …… a loyal person, does not like interference and control especially in marriage, and has a strong sense of pride.
Women are ‘hidden’ and it takes a long time to find them.  His ability to control women is slightly weak.
3aNevertheless, this year and next year is a good time to find a mate. But if he misses it this time, it may go away.  Among the 3 men, Sang Hyun will be the first to marry.
4Well, it certainly looks like his prediction is true as Sang Hyun will be getting married soon.
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4 Responses to Sang Hyun’s Facial Analysis

  1. Mimi says:

    Very good analysis .. But his ability to control women is not weak at all I think .. Actually he controls our hearts from faraway by his personality , what if we are next to him ? Driving us crazy? 😀 he’s extremely cute , lovely and gorgeous with a Kind – hearted heart , so what else does a woman need ? !!!! Please Maybee , love oppa more than life , appreciate him as a man and as an artist and I’m sure he’ll do for u ….Wish u happiness forever (with SH junior ) ❤

  2. Zsuzsi says:

    I succeeded to watch this show in korean, so, I cannot say that I was understand everything, but it was a really funny come together! 😀 And it was really fantastic that there was a person who cooked for them! 😀
    So, regarding the facial analysis, until now I knew only that many things could be red from the face, like illnesses or if the person is lieing or telling truth, but about the attitude the other sex and when he/she would have chance to have partnership or marriage??? that is strange for me! I would meet with this “predictor'” personally! 😀
    I was sure that he would mention that SH doesn’t like interference in the marriage, but control??? He is not that type, I think the woman has contol on him and he accept it! 😀 I don’t know the personality of MB, but with the hungarian wording, “she would wear the trousers”, I am sure! 😀
    I think PSJ could read very well not from SH’s face, but his reaction for his analysis and predition. When he told that women are hidden, SH bowed his head which means he wants to hide his thoughts and feelings, so, he really has a hidden girlfriend… Otherwise, PSJ could have heard something about his life of SH, and he had to combine the informations! 😀 He was good!
    I just wonder if KKG would find his girlfriend or would-be wife in two years… I don’t know… 😀
    By the way, SH’s facial reactions are very telltale. If he receives a strange or annoying question he is unable to control his reaction on face! He should learn it, but then he would loose his boyish charm… 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Zsuz,
      SH laughed and bent his head in response to PSJ saying that his ability to control women is weak. And everyone burst out laughing especially Joo Sang Wook. What PSJ meant about ‘hidden’ woman is not that SH has been hiding them but that though he has met many women, I think he’s referring to the ‘right’ woman that SH has been looking for who is ‘hidden’ ….. probably that they had yet to meet. And SH then responded by saying that yes he had gone for many blind dates and probably didn’t meet anyone. So the word ‘hidden’ is symbolic. PSJ did say that SH will have luck in love this year and the next, but if he missed this chance, it might go away.

      I think for a thorough facial analysis, it might require much more. I’m not sure how true or accurate this is. So PSJ was probably just giving a general reading for the 3 men.

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