‘5 Siblings Of Deoksuri’ VIP Premiere (27th November 2014)

Sang Hyun’s lovely fiancee Maybee at today’s movie VIP premiere at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University.  This is their first public appearance together after the recent announcement of their wedding plans.  Would have been nice to see a photo of them together.

vip 4

vip 3

vip 9

vip 7

vip 1

vip 2

vip 8


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2 Responses to ‘5 Siblings Of Deoksuri’ VIP Premiere (27th November 2014)

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Maybee is beautiful 🙂

  2. shandy says:

    I think every bit of her attracts Yoon, the inner beauty that
    appeals to Yoon much more than the outer taking feature.
    There are beauties everywhere in the showbiz, but the unique
    temperament no one could make one’s mimicry of her, and her
    toned-down gracefulness that matters the most.

    He likes the way she is, he most probably feels comfortable
    with her natural, frugal, unpretentious and unshowy style.

    Physical attraction is pleasing the eye, while inner uniqueness
    is a precious gem that shines and improves along with ages.
    Even she is more beautiful than flower, she can’t create exception
    of meeting with her fate….but true luv goes beyond that…,.

    Yoon’s fondness grows on her spontaneously, coz’ he finds her
    as congenial in most part, and they connect intellectually with
    each other, oh, she’s become a genuine soul mate to Yoon.

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