Sang Hyun’s Confession On ‘Healing Camp’ (2)

SH & MB 2

During a media interview on 27th November, Maybee was asked what she had thought about Sang Hyun’s confession on ‘Healing Camp’. 
She said she was very touched and thankful when she saw Sang Hyun’s appearance on ‘Healing Camp”.  Liking him even more, she says the heart surrenders just looking at him from the back and she wants to do well in a good and wise marriage.
She had not known in advance that he would make the confession and did not know until the article came out.  After Sang Hyun had done the recording, he had said that it’s a little too early to tell her.  She did not know what he meant and it seems that this was his surprise event for her.  
She was very surprised by the tremendous response on the internet. When the articles came out before the broadcast of ‘Healing Camp’, the search for her name went up and it made her heart beat fast.  She had never before received this kind of attention and all this happening so suddenly was surprising and scary.
Both Sang Hyun and herself do not usually display affection in this manner so she was very touched that he had expressed such deep emotion during the broadcast.  And she feels sorry that she did not often express her feelings to him.
On what it is about Sang Hyun which attracts her, she says it’s the look of a loving family and Sang Hyun’s caring nature. His mother is always deep in his heart and thoughts, and love and responsibility is very strong.  Meeting his family in future would be even better and everyone is great.  His appearance is really awesome when he’s among family that it makes her want to tear up.  She thought that he’s a very nice person and feels reassured of marriage.
She praises Sang Hyun for his homely look which she feels is a good thing. Though she too does not have a luxury bag, Sang Hyun is unbelievably modest even though he’s a well known actor.  The point that even the brand is not extravagant is good.
On her thought about the quick progression to marriage after being together for 4 months,  she revealed that Sang Hyun was doing it very quickly.  It was already very hectic and they got to the wedding date.  She would not have made this kind of progress due to her nature.  It is miraculous that she too has changed a little when she is with him.
Her personality is that at home she would attempt to hide the things that she can’t do well.  But after meeting Sang Hyun, she had done many of the things that she couldn’t do by herself.  Meeting Sang Hyun and being together had brought positive changes to her life.
Wedding preparation had not yet begun in earnest and her preference is to be frugal and to do it simply.  The congratulations received from everyone was very much appreciated.  Thanking the fans and all those around them, she said she would try to live wisely and meet their expectations.


Confession 2

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One Response to Sang Hyun’s Confession On ‘Healing Camp’ (2)

  1. sheeprondo says:

    I am touched reading Maybee’s confession.

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