Not A Flashy Confession (Serenade)

Priceless and touching moments of Sang Hyun’s serenade to Maybee with his love song ‘Not A Flashy Confession’ ( 화려하지 않은 고백) and with stalks of roses which the audience helped to pass to her.
More than makes up for the first simple proposal in the kitchen.
Sang Hyun says there are plans to hold a special concert in February before their wedding and anyone can attend.  No tickets are required.  He had decided on a concert because it would be much more memorable than a normal wedding ceremony.  When asked for his reason for marriage, he said that with age comes the feeling of missing a family.  What everyone needs is a home filled with warmth and someone to love.
Happiness is ……










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10 Responses to Not A Flashy Confession (Serenade)

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Happiness is…
    waking up early in the morning to find a post about our idol and sharing his joy of having found the one he loves…
    it is a dream comes true for Sang Hyun…it is also a dream comes true for us …
    Thank you, dear Julee 🙂

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    That was a much better confession! (Y) I think he realized that one red rose is much better for a woman than any confession… I think there’s a hungarian song about it! 😀 The song was really nice and hopefully he must not dry her tears, only the tears of happiness! 😀 He sang it very well… She was touched as I could see her tears… 😀 As I heard they are very similar, but perhaps there’s some difference between them, not mentioning that SH is man and MB is woman. While SH is speaking too much, MB is so silent… I think it would be a long and good marriage… 😀 Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear what she has replied to SH and the mc’s question, perhaps, nothing… although, if I would have been in her place, I would say a Saranghe to SH who would have been very happy, surely…
    The reason why he wants to marry MB is good, just as if I had said it: need a home with warmth and someone to love!!! 😀 Really need…
    Regarding the idea of concert-wedding or concert before wedding, well, it’s interesting… As I know SH, it would be very special and as anyone can participate, could be fantastic and hopefully, someone will be there from my friends and can send photos or video about it…

  3. Mimi says:

    I was sure SH would confess in a romantic way .. He’s so creative and expresses his feelings in a perfect way .. Believe me ladies I listened to the love song three times and felt the great meaning in it finding my eyes full of tears as I’m so happy though I hardly understand the lyrics but felt SH ‘s pure and sincere love ❤ .. Having a wedding concert would make it so special and memorable , how lovely and romantic SH is !! 😉 I'm sure Maybee appreciates his great love and I wish them a happy life with Mansoek and SH junior .. ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. aki tanaka says:

    So touching!!! Sang hyun was so sweet in expressing his feelings. And Maybee is really pretty. My congratulation to the both of them and wish them a happy wedded life. To Sang hyun: Thank you for sharing your ” HAPPINESS ” with us, i’m so happy for you, so am i. SARANGHEE OPPA!!!

  5. juleecwk says:

    It is touching that he is now ready to share his love openly and for all to see, and this is something which Maybee would surely treasure. Actually his original choice of song was ‘Because Of Love’ but he changed it because both of them had liked ‘Not A Flashy Confession’ since young. And I think it’s perfect because it’s a confession simply from the heart. It did make me tear up a little as I re-watched it.

    Maybee seems such a sweet and shy lady, and she had said in that media interview that they do not usually express their feelings in this manner. Now that I’ve seen her (since Healing Camp), I have a good feeling about her and we can see the affection between them. Seeing SH so happy now is a weight off my mind too because I’ve always felt he deserved to find his happiness.

    I think SH must have been nervous because when Yoo Se Yoon asked him when is the movie’s premiere, he said beginning of Feb (or was it Jan as both sound quite similar) and YSY corrected him which got everyone laughing. SH must have been thinking of his wedding in Feb. 🙂

    I hope SH and Maybee will sing a duet at their wedding concert. 🙂

  6. shandy says:

    Love is in the air……
    Look at Yoon’s eyes, loot at Maybee’s eyes.
    Their eye expressions are transmitting a message of luv,
    it’s more than enou to get emotions stir.
    Yoon must have been the happiest man in the world, happier
    than I could imagine.
    I could feel luv is glowing, and anticipation is gleaming in their
    eyes, it’s beyond thoughts…
    Let the nite of Saturday NL be their nite, the most memorable
    proposal engraved in their hearts, the sanity of life they’re
    gonna share now and forever.
    Love, at this moment needs no word….

    Though one is on the stage, another one is off the stage,
    distance has lost its effect.
    Luv power is so strong that it meets nothing a hindrance,
    but the energy of wavelength connects the two.
    Wow, the feeling must be very great….
    I’m happy, seeing Yoon so happy, and soooo charming…
    and Maybee must have been touched down to the ground.
    Their eye contact is so magical , so moving.

    I learned from Maybee’s tears, reflecting under the light,
    creeping down her cheeks so silently. She juz let the drops
    streaming along her face, the silent moment of tear drops
    must have been very warm in her world that she is so eager
    to share with Yoon, the man is going to be part of her life
    for eternity… true luv takes no place to hide.

    Oh, God, I luv Snl, a great nite I have enjoyed with so much
    fun so much luv, many thanks to our fav man for the greatest
    ideas he’d brought out, and the greatest show he’d put up
    till I got myself double over with laughter.

    And ” Thank you for your love to Maybee ! She’s great !”
    is the down-to-earth heartfelt message I wanna send to him! ^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      It was only when I was re-watching the HD clip that I could see the tears flowing from Maybee’s eyes.
      That brings a lump to my throat. I was also trying to look at SH’s eyes 🙂

  7. Peri says:

    Friends, Is this video in YouTube?

  8. Peri says:

    I want to see this video

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