Saturday Night Live Korea (3)

I had tried watching this episode live on some streaming site but it was so frustrating with the erratic streaming and freezing so often.  Especially at the part which mattered …… Sang Hyun’s second proposal to Maybee with a serenade of his love song ‘화려하지 않은 고백’ (Not A Flashy Confession) and getting the audience to pass roses to her.  He certainly did it right as it moved her to tears.
It was hilarious to watch the parody where Sang Hyun plays Gapdongi, being murderous one moment and gentle the next and that unexpected kiss with Ahn Young Mi.  And his role of a cursing granny who puts the young ones in their place and get them to behave made me laugh.
Glad I managed to re-watch the uploaded episode in full.  Here are some of the pics from the media.


The hilarious bachelor’s party where one of the female members jumped onto Sang Hyun.
As the psycho Gapdong with re-enaction of the feet washing scene.


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2 Responses to Saturday Night Live Korea (3)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    He looked really well in this show, although, I have to tell the show was a little bit crazy one. I could understand more things because of the different scenes, but we say here they are total crazy! 😀 Gapdongi parody was really good… The kiss wasn’t a kiss as he didn’t kiss the girl at all, instead of it he seemed to be shy and embarrased, I don’t know why as he is an actor, even if his would-be wife is at the spot?! Perhaps, SH, this was the last chance to kiss a woman who is not your bride… You missed it and another chance… who knows if it will be… only in films??? 😀 By the way, she was the same woman who jumped up onto SH at the first time… Am I right? 😀 She could be very direct person… 😀 The washing foot scene was great, I think the girl was really happy during this scene… 😀 😀 😀

    As Granny SH was how I say… not too nice, very ugly 😀 If I think about his elder ages, I cannot think that he would ever look such an old person as he was now. I think he would do everything and will use anything which could give him a very cute or lovely face in this older days… And I think he would never have grey hair, only black… 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Yes, this show is rather crazy and contains much adult humor and it’s really funny. I think SH didn’t want to kiss AYM in front of Maybee, especially not now when he’s going to make his second proposal. I was LOL at that bachelor’s party scene when the men started to gather around SH and he had to push them away.

      Another funny parody was the one with singer Chae Yeon and Shin Dong Yup. The foot washing scene reminds me of that scene in Gapdong when Maria scaled her hand and MY was cooling it under the tap. A rather intimate act 🙂

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