Sang Hyun On SBS Power FM ‘두시탈출 컬투쇼’

power fm
Pic source: tae_geak_ho on Instagram
During Sang Hyun’s recent appearance on the SBS Power FM 두시탈출 컬투쇼 broadcast  on 29th November 2014, he had said that he’s thinking of building a house to live in Paju after marriage.  His parents are living in Paju.
He had also mentioned that for their wedding next February, a digital single with lyrics written by Maybee will be released and which would probably include their wedding photo.  Definitely looking forward to that and hope Sang Hyun and Maybee will sing a duet together.

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3 Responses to Sang Hyun On SBS Power FM ‘두시탈출 컬투쇼’

  1. Zsuzsi says:

    I always thought, that I am good enough in marketing, but I was wrong, SH is much better nowadays! 😀 He is really self-confident! Congratulation!
    I am looking forward to that single CD with MB’s lyrics, but I wonder who will be the composer??? I am very curious! It would be really a nice memory…^^
    I think if we make ourselves some furniture or some things in our house, that could become more personal and important for us, that could be only a real home! I wish SH could creat such a home for himself and whole his family!

    • juleecwk says:

      I had thought that Maybee would write and compose the song as well, or is that not the usual case? Since the lyricist would need to fit the lyrics to the tune?

      There’s an article which did mention SH saying he intends to self made some of the smaller furniture for his new home which will be next to his parents. He plans to stay near them. Seems to me that SH’s focus now is more about family as he has found a new direction in his life 🙂

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        If we see the world’s most famous songs, we could realize those were written and composed by very famous authors together, like Lennon and McCartney, Simon and Gartfunkel…and of course there are musician who are good enough to wrote the music and lyrics alone, like Eric Clapton or Elton John. If we sees only the most famous ones… So, I don’t know if she had learnt composing music, but there are people who are talented in both of them, lyrics and music… If she is then SH is very lucky and she can write songs for him, especially if they have similar musical taste…. I hope the musical connection between SH and SC won’t be interrupted by this cooperation of the would-be married ones!^^ The U-turn and at 7 o’clock in the morning were really good!
        I think as his parents are elder they need more care from the biggest boy of the family, and as SH is the only son… For him caring for the parents is obligatory and this is natural and I admire it very much, I also do with my mother…

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