Saturday Night Live Korea (Stills)

snl 1 snl 2 snl 3 snl 4 snl 5 snl 6 snl 7 snl 8 snl 10 snl 9 snl 11 snl 12 snl 13

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4 Responses to Saturday Night Live Korea (Stills)

  1. shandy says:

    I’m admiring, envious, and……mixed with a bit of jealousy,hahha !
    The beautiful and the happiest lady in the world, being basked in
    stalks of roses conveying messages of deeply felt and unfeigned
    Wow, I can be assured that it’s the happiest and precious moment
    that she has ever experienced in her life, with someone to love,and
    with herself to be loved. The feelings are so wonderful so
    speechless and so great.

    I wanna send my thousand words of wishes to her, ” She is the
    most beautiful woman in the world , now, and for the years to come,
    and enjoy the great happiness with our fav man to the fullest….”

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      I agree with you Shandy, SH could be very romantic and even if he doesn’t love to give flower he changed his mind and has sent one single red rose to his girlfriend, perhaps a little bit overdoing, but if I would have been in the place of MB I wouldn’t just have fallen tears for it, but sent a SARANGHE towards SH! 😀
      In Hungary there’s a folksong which says: ‘A single rose speaks nicer than the most loving letter.” She is really lucky, I am jealous…! 😀

  2. shomangaka says:

    I wonder if some kind soul will eventually make eng. subs for this episode. I have the raw but I can barely understand Korean :((((

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