Section TV Entertainment (30th November 2014)

sec tv-1Interview with broadcaster Park Seul Gi on Section TV Entertainment on 30th November 2014.
section 6
Suel Gi was curious to know why there is a rush to get married and whether it is because
of the possibility of premarital pregnancy?  Sang Hyun said it isn’t but because it had taken
such a long time for him, he feels that he should not waste any more time to settle down.
This the the first time he’s seen someone like Maybee and he is afraid to lose her so he wants
to get married quickly.
sec tv-2
On Maybee’s attractive points …… she fixes things at home and has good dexterity.
They share a good connection because
their musical tastes match.
Sec tv
Another video message ……
To my beloved Maybee, I will always be by your side. Let us live happily together.
sec tv-4
What he visualizes for 10 years after ……. going to school sports day with Maybee and their children, sitting with her in the shade on a mat and eating seaweed, and living a happy life.

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Section tv

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9 Responses to Section TV Entertainment (30th November 2014)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Seul Gi is a very vivid and a little bit crazy person, but that’s why I like her. She made always very good interviews with SH! I always laughed a lot as she has very good questions. I am sad that I cannot be such a reporter as I would have much more questions to him! 😀 But this first question was in my mind, too! 😀
    Otherwise, I think SH doesn’t love MB just because she could fix everything at home, then it would be much cheaper to call an expert… 😀 The similar musical taste is much better! 😀 But I would be curious about the real cause, I mean: for example: she is pretty, lovely, if she looks at him then… or something else romantic. I think I would be a very pushful reporter indeed… 😀
    The future plan is lovely and I like it very much, although, I thought he would go hiking in the mountains or biking at the countryside with whole family, but not to a school sportsfield… I hope SH’s children will be really good at sport!!!

    • juleecwk says:

      Zsuz, I think SH has already expressed his love to Maybee in his serenade and video message. When he was talking about what made him propose in the kitchen, the sight of her cooking and looking at her from the back ….. he had thought she looked so pretty. Since he loves him mum so much, the fact that the image of Maybee and his mum merged would have meant that he loves both women just as much. I’m sure SH will bring his wife and kids hiking and fishing in future. He had also mentioned that he intends to build a house in Paju, near to his parents’ place.

  2. shandy says:

    Zsuz, you’re rite.
    Yoon’s never mentioned a word about hiking and biking
    with Maybee.
    Imagine an indoorsy like her, can’t have much expectations
    of her having outdoor activities as such which require exposure
    aplenty under the fierce sunlight.

    Does it mean having a soft spot for his dreamed angel, then he
    could give in to his prerequisite for an ideal soul mate he’d made
    b4, that he so much enjoying with her by hiking and biking
    in the open air, I am juz puzzled…..

    • Zsuzsi says:

      Shandy, everybody is chanching, SH and MB are also doing and changing their mind… Perhaps, once they will do such things together, if not he will go with the dog or SC. 😀 Or later with children… 😀 Perhaps, she is not the dream woman for SH, but he thinks that the right one, and perhaps, he sees the ideal mother of his children in her, that’s why he may want to marry her, but they are so distant now, so, I don’t know? I am just curious. You know our mentality is not the same, as if we, hungarians, are happy and falling in love with someone, we are unable to hide our feelings, even more we wants to share with everybody, although, I think I am an extroverted person, contrary to MB, who can be an introverted ones. But it’s said the opposites attract to each others and perhaps, it is right, as SH has also an extroverted personality.
      As I think SH is a romantic type, we could see it from her messages and the song + red rose ( 😀 ) I thought if she would be the right person or the BIG ONE, he would burn in 40’C fever and purple mist will be around him and cannot see anything else, just HER! But I cannot feel this wonderful feeling neither from his sied, nor from MB’s side, although, she is enough closed person. That’s why I wanted to know her better and know more about her as until now I have never heard anything about her, only some videoclips and TV show moments, so I know how she looks like and nothing more… You know SH is my, with german word, Liebling 😀 that’s why I want the best for him in his career and his personal life. And I am like a family member, like a sister 😀 want to know if it’s everything is OK with him and want to understand why he has chosen this lovely lady! Hopefully, he would share his thoughts with us. If not… 😦
      But never mind he knows what he does and why and I wish them a very happy life! 😀
      By the way, I started to watch the Winterbird again, I loved that drama very much, at least, I could see him everyday for many times…

  3. Mimi says:

    SH sent 3 messages to Maybee but no message from her .. Perhaps she sends him secretly 😀 .. I think she’s too shy to express romance in the media but that would give him happiness for sure 😉 I’m sure she’ll be happy with SH the husband and she must appreciate what he has been doing for her ..

  4. Mimi says:

    Dear Suzy and shandy , I know he mentioned before that he would like his ideal type to share his interests .. He said their musical tastes match but I think she isn’t an opening type ( just guessing ) .. Perhaps she doesn’t like open air activities or perhaps she hasn’t done before to feel the enjoyment of hiking .. Maybee is a changeable personality and can share him what he likes .. I’m sure the most important thing now for SH is having a baby 😀 hiking is coming soon 😀

  5. juleecwk says:

    Ladies ladies, I think we don’t really know their relationship well to jump to any conclusion. SH must have been very sure that she’s the woman for him and he has made his choice so trust him.

    What I believe is, sometimes one needs to make a compromise. Most people have their idea of a perfect mate but is there really such a person that matches one’s ideal 100%? If you can’t have 100%, would something lesser be ok? If one is unwilling to compromise, would you rather wait for the perfect one who might never turn up?

    I think I can understand why SH is moving fast. As a Virgo, I too have this tendency to be impatient and to get things done quickly. The mind is not at peace until it’s completed finally. Since he knows now what he wants and he’s sure of his choice so ‘let’s just do it’. I suppose it can be a negative at times because other people cannot keep the pace and they feel rushed.

    I’m not sure about SH but for myself, I wouldn’t mind if my ideal does not share all my interests. We can do things together and sometimes we can do our own thing. As for that ‘shouting out to the world’ display of emotion, it’s not for me either. If there is genuine love and care between 2 people, that is what matters. It can be shown in little ways and just being there for each other.

    Wishing SH and Maybee long lasting love and happiness.

    • Zsuzsi says:

      Julee, you are right, this is his choice and his decision was and he has to take the responsability for his own life!
      Otherwise, I don’t believe the horoscopes or signs of zodiac. Just look MB and SH both of them are Virgo, and how different they are! 😀 I am a Capricorn, like… who? like SC whom you know a little bit and we are very different I think! So, I don’t believe in it! 😀
      But I could only agree with your wishing for SH and MB! 😀

  6. Mimi says:

    Yes, Suzy , we want to know more about her coz We love our favorite guy much and want to see him happy .. But let me say SH is mature enough and knows exactly what he does and plans for each step well .. He thinks Maybee is the lady he’s looking for inventing perfect ways to express how much he cares .. Hope to know more about her personality wishing her to be a perfect wife to precious SH ..

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