Magazine M Media Interview

Yoon Sang Hyun, dependable eldest son whose family comes first.
This year Yoon Sang Hyun (41) is celebrating his 10th year of debut.  Since his first appearance in the drama ‘Marrying A Millionaire’ (2005 SBS), he had taken on a variety of work without pause. Time was spent over the past 10 years running and just looking straight ahead but for life in future, his plans have shifted to a new focal point.  And it is family.
This too had to do with his selection of ‘5 Siblings Of Deoksuri’. In the movie, he had taken on the role of the dependable eldest son Su Kyo who gives encouragement to his siblings to ensure a harmonious family.
He takes the lead to promote filial piety for their parents. 
Now Yoon Sang Hyun’s mind is as such.
This work selection criteria
The title had attracted my attention (laughs). When I read the scenario, I felt it was fun and touching.
Later in the film it gave a heartwarming feeling.
When you feel it’s heartwarming
You should have empathy. Now I feel the emotion was buried in the character.
In the movie, Su Kyo is an exemplary and straight eldest son.
Resemblance with Yoon Sang Hyun.

Actually there is a resemblance with the sloppy Dong Su (laughs).  At first when the casting proposal was received and I had made a request to the producer for the role of Dong Su, it was refused (laughs).
But Su Kyo’s handling of his siblings and his wanting filial piety for his parents is like me.
Actually I heard that you are the second among 1 son and 2 daughters.
How did you understand the mind of an eldest son?

With an older and younger sister and being an only son, I am very eager to invite my parents.  My parents live in Paju Gyeonggi-do. Since 5 years ago I had been living away from my parents but now I certainly wish to live with them.
‘5 Siblings of Deoksuri’ gives the impression of a movie with the highlight on family.
Right. Though it’s apparently seen as a comedy, there is a thriller element in it and eventually the things this movie talks about is on family.  Siblings which stay apart, searching for their missing parents and in the process develop brotherly feelings talks about how important it is to have filial piety for their parents.  Because of being busy, the days which siblings spend time with the parents are rare. I think it would be good if this movie can serve as a reminder about family.
Was there any neglect on your relationship with family?
I started acting at age 32 so my debut was relatively late. For 10 years until now, I’ve been working with little or no rest.  After the ending of a drama, activity would resume after a little rest.  Even with the hard work of filming, new work is taken on after a short break.  Until the filming of the recently ceased tvN drama Gapdong, it seems there was no time to recharge myself.  Looking back on my life now, it seems to be time to re-design the rest of my life.
What plans have you set for the rest of your life?
I will build a new house next to my parents’ home in Paju. I am discussing with the architects with my aim to move in next May. I have drawn a diagram of the house I’ll be living in. This house I’m building is one which I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid.
Any plans for marriage?
Of course there is (laughs). There is someone I am seeing now. We connect well and she’s 6 years younger. We first met in April and have been dating. We have a lot in common, like animals, reads a lot, points similar to me.
Then we can hear news of the upcoming marriage.
Meeting of the families have been completed.  Only need to set a date (laughs). Size of the hall for the wedding is for about 1500 seats and is scheduled to be set up like a concert.
(After the interview,  Yoon Sang Hyun getting married next February with singer and lyricist Maybee was officially announced).
What are the points that you like about your wife-to-be?
Simple and honest. I like her look of not being extravagant. In fact, though I’ve met many women on blind dates, it’s been frustrating so far.  So could the problem lie with me, is my love cells dead?  I had all sorts of thoughts.  Or I’ve been working so long in the entertainment industry, was it the fault of having set my sights too high?
The introduction was through my manager, we had kept in contact and after going out a couple of times, she seemed increasingly beautiful to me.  It was a crush that led to the conviction and decision to get married.
In addition to your debut of 10 years and now in your early 40s, what are your feelings for major plans ahead?
The values that people have varies with age.  It’s friendship during the teenage years, dating in their 20s, career in their 30s and I think the focus is on family in their 40s.  As the first digit of age changes, so my outlook on life is also likely to change.  During my 30s, my whole life was centered on work but now, family is more important than work.  Because of this I am going to build a house near to my parents’ house.
A new role of ‘husband’ in Yoon Sang Hyun’s life.  What kind of husband do you wish to be?
A husband who is a good housewife? (laughs). Ever since I was little, I like doing things at home. Cooking, decorating the house and even cleaning (laughs).  I would also make small furniture such as desks and chairs. Before my debut, I was running a coffee shop in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do.  For the new house built in Paju, a cafe will be set up on the first floor.  Living happily ever after with family is my dream now. I hope to realize that dream in 2015.


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6 Responses to Magazine M Media Interview

  1. shandy says:

    Julee, I’m sorry…I’ve a need to draw attention to yoon’s
    upcoming Japanese White Dinner Show.

    Tinyfrog brought about her translated news of an interview
    with Yoon from the Korean web yesterday :
    A recent read of Japanese Ameba’s blog, Yoon noticed the
    Japanese fans express their dissatisfaction with his continuous
    high profile in making his romance publicly with Maybee and
    their marriage.
    Yoon himself mentioned a loss of about 30~40% of dinning
    audience through a refund ticket of the upcoming Japanese
    White Dinner Show.

    A tieba’s fan put up her comments :
    Maybee didn’t make her intimate appearance together with
    Yoon in the public, it’s a witty choice.

    A fan in another way :
    Lovable Sang Hyun had kept it for so long, it’s now time for
    him to make a clean breast of his romance, squarely with joy.
    I guess MGB is at their wit”s end too. But it’s a cruel fact.
    If he is to face with unanswerable questions, juz give an answer
    wide off the mark, or fly off at a tangent.

    Another fan voiced out her anxiety:
    What we have been worried occurs subsequently. A refund of
    30~40% is too heavy. Oppa is still bathed in his burning
    romance, his fans feel neglected by him. We, as Chinese fans
    too, have to take some time for an adaptation, how about the
    Japanese fans, they love him so much ?

    I feel so bad coz’ of an unexpected outcome emanating from
    an excessive confession about Yoon’s love. I think Yoon has
    overlooked the possibility of this kinda contingency so happens
    that I could have never expected. Thinking that he’d put out
    feeler so many times , he’s already so certain to get
    positive feedback from the Japanese fans, and he could go
    ahead with his romance safely.
    But I feel so sorry to say that Yoon has placed his judgement
    in the wrong place, he needs to grip more about the passions
    of his fans. These are the fan theories containing not too much
    juicy-love story.

    I hope he tunes down the key of all his intimacy with Maybee,
    that might help ease the situation and comfort the “lost” feeling
    of fans. To make things cool down further, Yoon could even
    try to make a detour of certain sensitive topics to avoid
    touching the soft spot, may be keeping them in store for Maybee ~

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Shandy,

      I read about this news yesterday which made me feel so sad but it is also not totally unexpected. His announcement of not only being in a relationship but that he is getting married soon is too much out of the blue and must have been been too shocking for many of his fans. Some of us may be the exception because we sort of expected it but we’re in the minority.

      What makes it heart-breaking to me is that this should be SH’s happiest moment and yet tinged with sadness too. Could he have shared his joy differently and over a much longer period of time? As I read through his revelation and how he came to his decision, I think I can understand why he did what he did. But whether it was a correct move or not, I do not know. It might take a long time for some to come to terms with his confession and some might not be so forgiving.

      Perhaps it might have been better that he had confessed a bit at a time, made it low key until the news had sunk in before making another big announcement. But maybe he had believed wrongly that fans would share his joy because they had always loved him so much. And yet I had the feeling that he might have expected some backlash from it all and is prepared for the consequences.

      I was reading through the many media articles yesterday where he had talked about his new direction in life. For him, this was a path he had decided to take because his priority now is family. He cares so much about his parents and the guilt of not having spent enough time with them had been gnawing at him. And he had gone through a period of depression where even what he used to love didn’t hold as much meaning because he was feeling a sense of emptiness in his life. Meeting Maybee had changed that and made him regain a sense of purpose.

      I do not know what to say because I can understand too why these fans are shocked and feel hurt. And it takes time to come to terms with it. Perhaps some can accept it but some might not. But life has to go on. This is yet another cross-road he has to face and if he finds so much happiness despite the sadness, perhaps there will be no regrets.

      I can’t speak for anyone, but I will still love him just the same. I will always stand on his side, see it through his eyes and heart. I’m happy for him and I hope he will continue to take whatever path that makes him happiest. I just hope that those who love him will still walk by his side, in spite of everything.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    As I wrote on Seung-Chul’s FB page, many people is disappointed because they were happy with SH at the fanmi in Yamanashi and SH told them for their questions that he is free and there’s no girlfriend unfortunately, and two weeks later he told that he would marry soon… It was a big shock for everyone suddenly, for me, too although, I was always sure that he has someone, but not just this year… Perhaps, some of them is angry as their dreams to get closer to SH has disappered, but if they will leave him because of this selfish desire, they wouldn’t have been real fans and they didn’t love him at all! The others are angry because of the lies and not the marriage. Everyone knows that he has right to have a girlfriend or partner or a wife and everyone accepts it! Perhaps, this announcement was a shock for everyone as we saw SH as a pure, sincer and lovely person, who needs his fans very much and wants to share all happiness with them or if he have problems, asks for a help and the fans were everywhere and were standing behind SH as a unity! And now they saw this sincerity has disappeared from this relationship between fans and SH.
    I am sure this was not just SH’s decision, he is in showbusiness and I think he wanted to share his happiness earlier with fans, but he was unable to do it… But as I always told the sincerity is the most important thing beside love in any connection or relationship in family or relating to the fans. And surely the the quickness of the announcements was also a bad decision. If he would have announced first the girlfriend and later the marriage, that wouldn’t have been so painful.
    He tries to go to many shows to explain what he did and why he did, unconvincingly (unforunately) and Maybee is not a real help for him in it as she is too silent… the communication as he also said is very important, not just in family, but outside of it, too.
    He has surely hurted many people and perhaps, he made a mistake, but who’s not? It can be forgiveable one and perhaps, he should apologize to his fans as perhaps, there are some of them who needs this, but not for his feeling for MB, but that he lied! And who loved and loves him very much that person would forgive him and if he would be sincer to his fans in the future he would be really happy and the fans, too! Otherwise, I think it was a good decision that he dared to talk about his personal, love life, undertaking the responsibility for the consequences… I think it wasn’t easy at all! Brave person, only the way was wrong… 😀
    He is a very good actor and singer and a very lovely and sensitive person who has big heart and who really deserves to be loved by us! And if he would be married that doesn’t mean that he would be lost for fans, even more we would get a whole family instead, with sweet children and more beautiful smile of SH! 😀
    Regarding the tickets for white dinner concert, who loves him very much those people would be there and those who won’t they would be poorer with a super musical experience… And those, like me who are unable to go now, wish to have a fun in Tokyo.

    • sheeprondo says:

      Sang Hyun has done nothing wrong.
      He has the right to find hos love and happiness and to have a family with a caring wife and lovely children.
      He is our idol and we should be glad that his dream has come true.
      As Shandy said, we don’t own him and can’t keep him, but we would always support him.

  3. shandy says:

    I could see the picture now how he has got a hank on to
    his instantaneous and forthright revelations in the interviews.
    May be he had tried to get a total understanding from us, by
    doing so he could be identified with his emptiness and
    loneliness with our empathy and sympathy by putting ourselves
    in his position.

    So many things he has hoped but turned out against his will.
    And I am being deeply stricken by his grief too…..
    Things have already gone in their way, but frankly I truthfully
    hope those who love him love his dog, we feel hurt and now
    he is far more agonized than us…..
    In fact, Julee you’re rite, his confession could be arranged
    one at a time, with an ease of a tensed situation, then only
    brought forth with the next. Unfortunately it fixed with Zsuz’s
    conjecture—— the propaganda which lied behind for putting
    up some hot issues to stimulate the box office of the movie
    at the same time. His romance definitely is not a favorable
    topic among the fans, no matter how cool we are, surely they
    must have done us some degrees of wreckage.

    Dearest Sang Hyun oppa shall have learned something from
    the point here……try to filter whatever needs to say or whatever
    needs not to confess, that will make his fans feel better
    instead of being hurt. Oppa, I will always love you and you
    can have my support always ! !!!! LOVE !

  4. Mimi says:

    I don’t know what to say after what u have said dear ladies .. Even if SH had made a mistake by revealing many events in a short time , he has the right to live like any normal person to( love , marry & have children) .. Perhaps he used the wrong way with fans but he expects we share him his happiness .. I don’t like the idea of living alone for more time but I admit he must have told about his relation earlier , that’s why the fans are shocked .. We should support oppa until the end sharing his happiness to fulfil his dream .. As a quick solution , I think he must talk to his fans with much care and I’m sure they will forgive our beautiful sincere SH .. Love and support forever ❤

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