Media Interview (2nd December 2014)


 A compilation of the recent media interview articles in which Sang Hyun talks about his relationship with Maybee and how meeting her had been the best thing that has happened for him.  He has now a new sense of purpose and direction in life and he’s happy.
Sang Hyun did not know that the news of his marriage would cause such a heated response but had thought that it would just be an issue for a day or so. For the stars whose every move would be talked about, their love and marriage alike are private matters which they are reluctant to reveal willingly.  The announcement of Sang Hyun and Maybee’s marriage had become a hot topic with immediate speculation on its quick decision, so the announcement was done to make it honorable.
When he was 40, the loneliness he felt had turned toxic and it was aggravated by the family.  His sisters and relatives were already married and he was the only unmarried one without his own home.  His parents’ health was not very good and he had the idea to get married soon.  It was age that made him think about family rather than only of work.
His emotional changes too had played a part. When he turned 4o, he had undergone a period of depression.  Though he likes hiking, he did not go for a year as he went through mood swings. It was a turning point for him when he met Maybee.  Spending time with a loved one makes him see the world differently.  It was a feeling akin to being reborn. Not being alone and setting up a home with someone gives him the feeling that this was Act 2 of his life. 
Sang Hyun had first met Maybee in April on a blind date set up by his manager. It was around the time when he was filming Gapdong. Though she did not have his ideal chubby look, his first impression of her was that of a relaxed person.  He  had felt very comfortable talking to her and had liked her smile. That day they just had a drink and then parted.  After filming of Gapdong had ended, he felt a bit more curious about her.
Each time they talked while having a meal together, he would notice her charm emerging and had wanted to listen further.  He would be thinking of where to bring her next and there was no hiding the truth that it was nice for them to meet. Meeting her made him feel refreshed and it was a great feeling.
It was a quick succession from dating to marriage.  When he was determined to marry her, he had confided in her the travails of living with his family and extended family. Maybee’s preference for a large family was a good point.  When he had brought up that remark ‘When we stay together, please help my mum’, fortunately it was well received.
On what they both like about each other, Sang Hyun says he feels at ease when he’s with her and she is much more caring than what he first thought.  And she’s a clean woman.  They had done many fun things together and sometimes when he does something ridiculous, she would have a good laugh and he likes that.  He had asked her why she likes him and she said that he’s a little unusual. Other men on blind dates would have a drinking party and try to impress her but Sang Hyun isn’t like that.  Instead they would spend their time having fun chats.  And she likes his frank look.
His family is really big . He is the eldest grandson and so is his dad. When they have a feast, there would be about 50-60 relatives. Also memorial offerings are made 8-9 times a year.  There would be so many people coming that they can’t all fit into the house so they would have to eat in 2 shifts. His mother is elderly and as usual, relatives would not just stay until evening but have breakfast before leaving.  So it occurred to him that he really should get married quickly.
His grandfather too had often said the same. Their family is loud and boisterous. He had brought this up to Maybee and she seems to like a big family very much. With the new year approaching, he is worried that the experience might be difficult. After Healing Camp, wedding preparation had sped up.  These days Maybee visits his mum daily and they spend a great time together.  He hopes that they would get along well together like this for a long time.
Sang Hyun plans to build a house next to his parents’ home in Paju and set up a cafe on the first level.  His parents live alone in a big house in the countryside. It’s completely dark at night and there are few houses around.  That makes him worried. He wants to start building this house which he hopes will give fond memories and instill the importance of home for his children. It is a house to live in until death and which the children can inherit.  He certainly hopes to have 3 kids.
At first he had a lot of worries as to where to built this house. He had gone around to check out some places. There is some land beside his parents’ house so why would he want to look elsewhere?  Maybee and his mum gets along very well just like mother and daughter. They go to the garlic field, covers it with vinyl sheet, clears the dog poop and prepares rice. They have fun making the side dishes and becomes closer quickly.
Not living in the same house but living next door would be fun. When Maybee gives birth and writes a book, his mum can look after the children. With grandma living next door, it would be better home teaching. 
For the house he’s building, the first floor will have a cafe. The locals can drop by for tea and it would be nice that his mum has things to do. Maybee also loves coffee.  For the second floor, he plans to build a residential facility.  Though there is only a paddy field in front, he hopes that it will be relaxing for those who go there for a drink.
Their wedding would be in line with a concert and they would sing a duet together with the lyrics written by Maybee.  Sang Hyun plans to take a break after his wedding next February, traveling with her and spending time with his family.  After that, he would put more focus on movies.


joyful moments 2
Sang Hyun certainly seems to have found a new joy in his life and a new direction in which he is moving with confidence. Wishing him and Maybee long lasting love and happiness.  Hope to visit his cafe in future and meet his 3 kids.
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11 Responses to Media Interview (2nd December 2014)

  1. shandy says:

    Oh, I’m riveted, on reading the translation, thanks Julee !
    It sometimes brings me to the seventh heaven to see the
    bird of paradise, other time it might give an aghast ” wow “,
    it truly means what a true luv is…..
    It needs giving way to each other’s lifestyle, melting your own
    into his own, taking his into yours, sounds a bit ‘ sacrifice..’

    Well, if we truly love a person, some may say, ” Why not?”
    When swearing an oath during a wed, ” I do ” carries a lot
    of commitment and responsibility.
    I yell from the bottom of heart and sincerely pay my respect
    to Maybee …she does for the man coz’ she loves him, she’s
    great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s not a fun time when Maybee was told by Yoon of his big
    family,, to me it is jumbo ….. I’m shocked too to learn of
    Maybee’s quiet personality, some more she’s indoorsy and
    introverted, how is she gonna put up herself for such an
    onerous task? If I were Maybee, I’d throw up the sponge,
    but there is a “but” of thinking back of our fav man, I have to
    learn how to associate with his big family and take it as mine
    if we luv the man.

    That’s what Yoon brought up the perspective of Maybee
    holding the same value and worthiness of a family bond as him.
    They deserve love from each other, as they see the one
    is special and unique from the rest, it’s the common share of
    this specialty makes it an attraction of a magnetic force pulling
    them towards each other, beside their winning personality.

    Yeah, I’m touched down to the bottom of their romance.
    Maybee’s sentiment is lofty, and deep flowing. She loves
    who he is not coz of whom he might have to be.
    That’s what Yoon sang in his song for his sentimental proposal:”
    Among too many others, my luv is only for you….”

    • juleecwk says:

      I think the family bond is strong for Koreans and with their many relatives, it can be a big family like for SH. So it’s not an easy task for the wife when they have to help with food preparation for special occasions. So far I’ve only seen such scenes from Kdramas 🙂 As they say, you don’t just marry the man but you have to think about his family too. I’m just glad they found each other and now SH can happily achieve what he wants to. Happiness can be in the little things.

  2. Mimi says:

    Of course I can feel That period of time SH was suffering from loneliness until he meets Maybee .. great responsibilities are waiting for her ( SH parents , the dogs , their kids , household , SH himself +her career) .. Agree with u shandy she must associate with SH big family for the sake of her beloved man but will that continue after marriage ? Hope so .. Love makes miracles .. ❤ She must fight to pass this responsibility successfully .. Her personality is not the open type and I'm sure she'll do her best to pass the hard test in the Christmas 😀 .. In my country , the wife serves and cares for her husband's parents by all means mainly if they are old and ill but that isn't a sacrifice , it's her duty to his family .. Any way , SH chooses her to help his mom and to have his own family and she accepts for loving him and his big family .. I wish them everlasting marriage ❤

    • juleecwk says:

      Dear Mimi, I think SH and MB will be just like any other couple who has to undergo the changes of married life and find their own path. We can only wish them all the best and hope that they will achieve their dreams.

  3. Mimi says:

    Thanks a lot dear Julee and dear shandy for translation .. I am touched by reading the meaning of the love song and every time I listen to it , tears come to my eyes … I’m affected by SH performance and felt how sincere he’s !!!! My lovely ladies , U r helpful and I’m grateful to u ❤

  4. Zsuzsanna says:

    What kind of book is she wrinting? A biography of SH? Or their love story? If these would be, then it could be a bestseller, although, with a little fantasy it would be much better! 😀 I always thought that from an interesting and well-written book everyone can subsist well! And if it would be a movie from it… Well good idea… It’s much more interesting profession than working in economy or in foreign trading…
    Otherwise, I know well what a big family means as my mom had 6 sisters and brothers and my father 7! So, in my childhood and youngest years there was no day when we had no guest, at least one at home, or we came together at my father’s sister, my aunt’s home. Here, this task belongs to sisters, not brothers. And there was an uncle who liked to spend some weeks at us, although, he had many other relatives. So, not easy, I have to tell… 😀
    I like when life is going on around me, although, I need some rest alone sometimes. But I don’t like the calmness or slowness as it is boring and make me nervous. Strange, but I always admired such people who could remain calm and relaxed in the most irritating moments, although I may not understand them, as I am a completely different type!
    I think it’s very important if the mother-in law and the daughter-in law have a good relationship and as the couple, they also have to be addicted to each other as their relationship will define the marrying couple’s relation. Unfortunately, this is not so important in our society in Europe.
    Perhaps, once I would visit that cafe, although, if it will be in a dark and abandoned place… SH should open a cafe in a much more visited place, if he wants any profit from it, if it is only a hobby or for fun.. it’s OK ! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Though there was mention that MB is writing a book, I can’t recall if there was any description. Think it would be nice for her that mum in law could help look after the kids when she needs time to focus, as SH says.

      With such a large extended family and their strong family ties, it’s surely not an easy task for Korean wives as their tradition is so strong. Probably SH’s mum is staying in a quieter area of Paju which would have lots of space surrounding the house. Good for the dogs and his future kids with plenty of spaces to explore and run around in. I think he would like to draw more people to that place and make it more lively.

      I read that there are some places of interest in Paju ….. a book village, premium shopping outlet and an art village. As it’s near the border with North Korea, there are military bases there. So it’s not surprising that SH once mentioned his fear of war breaking out during one of the variety shows and he had thought about making preparation for a war shelter.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Hopefully, that war would never happen in the future as peace is the most important for people. We know what the war means as around our country there are always wars. There were the ten years-long yugoslav war and nowadays the ukrainian-russian civil war and the terrorism always presents in our life. I have visited many countries and unfortunately, I had seen the signs of the terrorism clearly… I think it doesn’t matter if they would live near to the korean-korean border, as Seoul is also very close to the border. Although, if there are american troops at Paju, that could be a little bit higher danger, so, I think not in vain SH is nervous. But we have to think positively…
        I was thinking about SH’s wish to have 3 children, so, I hope they would be successful as after 35 it’s not so easy to birth more children, unless they are not twins or triplets, which are very usual. In Europe it is much more frequent nowadays as the career and creating the founds of the would-be family are the first!!! And here both of parents has to work!!! I do wish they would have more children as it’s good if a child has more sisters or brothers! 😀
        I think SH and perhaps MB, too would continue their singing career as they are both talented and I know SH’s musical activity only and I am sure that I would miss his singing very much as I have known him as a singer, not as an actor! 😀

  5. Lily says:

    Hi Julee,
    Long time no comment but enjoy visiting often.

    I keep asking myself if the music remains an important part of their professional future, because SH didn’t mention a thing about it, only about she writing books, whatever, and himself acting mainly in movies not dramas.
    Still I hope that SH’s last year dream house below the mountains with a studio for song rehearsals and home cinema at basement… doesn’t walk now on “the Boulevard of broken dreams” together with his musical dream projects. Would be such a waste, especially now with a song-writer beside him.
    For now I wish them happiness and a wonderful wedding, which I’m sure will be memorable being set up as a public free concert.

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Lily, I think SH does have a career path that he has worked out for himself. Sometimes plans can change due to circumstances and priorities. But I think what is most important is what makes the person happiest regardless of what other people might deem otherwise. It is a period of transition right now, and I feel it will depend on how things work out for him. His love of singing should still be part of his dream. We can only wait and see, and wish him all the best.

  6. Mimi says:

    Wish them all the best In marriage and career .. Hope their future is bright and covered with happiness and success ❤

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