Media Interview (4th & 5th December 2014)

media interview 3
A continuation from the recent media interviews in which Sang Hyun talks about the movie, his family and plans for the wedding and their future.  I did not include the parts about the movie though. As I was doing the part about his family, what he shared brought tears to my eyes.
Sang Hyun is the second in a family with 2 daughters and 1 son.  His sisters are also cheerful and have a bright personality. Unlike the family portrayed in the movie, their time together when they meet is spent chatting and would pass very quickly. Their family atmosphere is casual and his mum is like a friend.
His dad used to be a little harsh but due to a stroke, he’s now paralyzed on one side of his body. Though he is still unable to speak, he can recognize them and smiles a lot. Usually they have a lot to talk about and with both sisters having a bright personality, the chatter is endless.  His face wears a happy smile when he talks about his family and his sincere love for them is evident. When asked what family is to him, he answered without hesitation that they are his ‘number 1 treasure’.
His father’s sickness is certainly a part of his growing up. If he did not have pain, he would not have worked so hard and in that sense, he is thankful. All family members including his dad, are still his number 1 treasure and they are a constant force and reassuring presence.  Previously he had thought that making a lot of money and becoming famous would make him happy but his life has not turned out this way. When living alone, he certainly realized that family is the best. Now wherever there is family, there is reassurance and energy.
Sang Hyun can expect his precious treasure to increase in the near future with the addition of Maybee.  Though they had not been dating for very long, she is a precious and loving pillar of support at times when it’s difficult and he’s tired.
In fact last year during the filming of Gapdong, he had experienced a bit of a breakdown.  He had many feelings that were dragging him down and becoming an emotional burden. Personally he had a lot of regrets about his acting and it was difficult even after it had ended.  The after-effects of a very long drama. It was then that he had met Maybee.  She had been a great help when he was feeling the difficulties and loneliness.
They had started dating from July until recently and after their parents had met, they had proceeded quickly to their plans for marriage.  He had heard a lot of talks about his quick decision for marriage but at his age, he is discerning enough to judge. Through his own observation and knowing Maybee, she is a good person. He cites five qualities about her ….. caring, understanding, simplicity, reaction and ‘lovely eyes’.
The kind of person who looks within rather than at what adorns the appearance.  As he thinks of this person he can feel that she loves him. When he looks at her eyes, it just gives him a good feeling.  It’s in his thoughts everyday as he awakens that he is thankful how this person appeared before him. 
Plans are underway for a special wedding ceremony in the form of a concert for fans and friends where the bride and groom will sing along. Why should the wedding be so ‘loud’? It’s just that he wants to express what is in his heart. Though there will be flowers for the wedding, he will not use expensive flowers and only the stage needs to be decorated.  Rather than incurring a lot of costs as like many other weddings, wouldn’t it be better to use the money needed for living?
On plans for the second generation according to Maybee’s opinion, he wants to be a fun dad more than a caring dad and commenting as an actor, the remaining challenge is to train up on his fitness. His seniors were unanimous in saying that ‘everyday is different’.  Because he is over the age of 40, he is afraid that his fitness would decrease.  If he is not fit, it would be a test to play the characters that he wants.
Regarding the proposal on the SBS variety show Healing Camp which was broadcast on 24th, he said that he had not planned the proposal.  In fact in Healing Camp, all the talk about the movie had to be edited.  He had wanted to surprise the writer who is his friend and only both of them knew about it.  But Kim Kwang Gyu overheard and asked him. After he was informed, the producer of ‘Pinocchio’ contacted him the next day and asked him whether he’s seeing Maybee.  During the filming of ‘Pinocchio’ and ‘I Live Alone’, they were all talking about it.  So the reports got out before the broadcast.
What Sang Hyun wants is to maintain a good home, be a good actor, a good father and a good husband.
His wish is to always have the word ‘good’ affixed in front of his name.
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8 Responses to Media Interview (4th & 5th December 2014)

  1. shandy says:

    Yoon’ll keep his romance as low tone as it can be, his
    happiness in the present situation may not be shared by

    It’s the cruel reality for some of his fans to face. There is
    something our fav man needs to delve into… must be the
    fans theories as a strong meat —— it empties his loneliness
    of today, but it aggravates the fans’ distress of tomorrow.

    Mood transitions might take some time to attain their orientation
    , Yoon is short on an understanding of how women feel. Me too
    could not understand how men feel, so we draw even now……

    Be frank, I’m still on the rebound….
    If he tries to get his fans to cotton on to what the stuff is on his
    mind, getting empathy might be engendering sympathy. But I
    think empathy comes into priority as I’m trying hard to get into
    his world…..

  2. coollcat2 says:

    I didn’t know he went through a difficult period during filming of Gapdong.

  3. aki says:

    An emotional burden can be replaced if you have someone to love and be loved. Im happy that he already found someone to look after him, and that’s what i’m praying for. Wishing you “SANG HYUN” a soon to be married man, the very best of “GOOD LUCK” in your carreer and your future family as i continue praying for your happiness and success in life. Coz your happiness is mine too ! ! ! Just continue to act because youre one ” GREAT ACTOR”.

  4. juleecwk says:

    When I was going through all these media articles, what I see and feel is Sang Hyun’s joy and excitement. That once he was ready to open his heart to share that joy, it’s like an outpouring of that emotion. After having gone through a period of emptiness and doubts, he’s finally found a sense of direction and purpose ….. and life is beautiful again.

    I can understand why many might feel it’s overdone. But what I see is SH speaking from his heart, wanting to share his joy. For those who might feel that his joy cannot be theirs, it just makes me sad. Perhaps we have forgotten to see the person behind the artistes, that he is just like all of us. Do we love him only as someone we visualize or as who he is as a person?

    For all of you who are so supportive of him, I just want to say thank you so much.

  5. Lily says:

    Even if SH makes a public proposal to Maybee and praise her qualities, in the same show (Healing Camp) he couldn’t abstain to talk about his legendary first girl friend (7 years of relationship):
    “Yoon Sang Hyun recounts a previous relationship with an ex-girlfriend who used to hit him due to mood swings” (
    Why on earth he had to make that unnecessary self depreciative public confession (everybody laughed a lot) without thinking that his fiancé might feel hurt, even if she knew already the whole story, I guess. I’ll never ever understand.
    I hope he can now close that chapter and let that woman go once for all, never recount about her in public no matter in what context, after all who are interested in anymore? Nobody.

    • juleecwk says:

      I can’t recall what brought on this mention, but I think it had something to do with SH saying that now he is able to better judge how people are and he does not want a woman who hits a man? I’m sure that legendary lady is not important anymore. Or is it true that a man never forgets his first love?

      • Zsuzsi says:

        Neither a woman can forget the first one, I think. But I think not just he has bad experiences with woman, but MB, too. Altough, as she is so silent and conscious, she never mentioned these experiences with men, like SH: But she surely could have such a bad experience with men, like PYC. At least they could change those experiences and analyzing them, they could chose another partner avoiding those ones again.
        I am really sorry that his father is so ill, and I can understand now why his mother needs MB’s help. And a wife has to be a very strong pillar of the family and his parents’ family too! Regarding the analysis of MB by SH, that she is caring…, I don’t understand reaction???, ….when he is looking at her eyes, it gives him a good feeling… So, if I don’t know that they are a new, would-be married couple, I would think they are married at least 20 years ago… But we are different and this might be good… If I once would marry I would like to see in those eyes the fire and of course what he has mentioned those are very important!
        I think the theme of Gapdongi was a very serious and stressful series for everyone and not just physically, but mentally, too. It took more out from every actors and actresses as a comedy. That’s why I can understand why he was so upset and tired and needed someone to help him through this depression.
        Regarding the wedding, nowadays, it’s very important for the couple to tell their promise at the altar which is a little or long speach about why they love each other and what they wait from each other.. So, they will tell this in music, not bad idea 😀 And thinking of the wedding I have to admit SH could be a good chancellor as the bugdet seems to be always great during the marriage! MB has chosen a very skilful man! So, Maybee will have a Good Yoon! 😀 Great! 😀 I wish his all dreams could come true!

  6. Mimi says:

    I think he already forgot his x- girlfriend and in my opinion , there’s no need to talk about her anymore .. SH focuses on his future to make his own family .. I greet him for loving his precious family feeling how loyal , sincere and caring he’s !! Good luck oppa ❤

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