Media Interview Photos (8th December 2014)

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From part of the media interview:
Originally if there had been no wedding, there should be drama filming and inevitably screen tests.
Sang Hyun is going to focus on married life and because they had not been dating much, they would go on more trips. Once the movie promotion and Japan performance is over, it seems he would be traveling around with Maybee. Making preparation for the wedding too and because he likes Namsan in Gyeongju, he would like to go around Gyeongju. He has a lot of interests in Buddhist art.
For over 10 years, he did not have much rest due to filming. From ‘5 Siblings of Deoksuri’ as a starting point, he intends to have more rest and go traveling.  When he’s married, their perspective would deepen and he would also need to re-arrange his thoughts.  There would be a lot of work with the building of the house and shifting. When all the preparation has ended and things are more stable, he would be prepared to act again if good work should turn up but would not wish to do so until the end of next year.
The reporter’s remarks:
Though Sang Hyun did not conceal his happiness, he seems to be a little more cautious.  Not so good feedback had gone up with the daily topics of his marriage with Maybee.  But now that he’s beyond his 40s and has just found his life partner, isn’t that a good thing?  So wouldn’t it be nice if there were more well wishes too?
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5 Responses to Media Interview Photos (8th December 2014)

  1. Zsuzsi says:

    Is he interested in Buddhist arts? Or has he own Buddhist works of arts? I mean: he is a collector?! Wow, that could be very interesting. I often watch the works of art of the Korean National Museum and they have a large and beautiful collection. Although, in Budapest, there’s also a museum (Hopp Ferenc east-asian art museum where there are beautiful buddhist objects. Otherwise, I am interested in many other artistic trend.
    I am really sorry that he would have a longer brake in his acting career, just like he would have been enlisted to the army like the young actors and singers… 😦 I hope we would hear about him many good things, as being always present in public life is very important for an actor or singer, as he must not give the chance to the audience that they could forget him… Otherwise, I don’t really understand this one year pause from his side… I hope he feels really well!!! Recharging during a trip could be very good target, Dobogókő, Hungary, where is the chakra of the world! 😀 Or our thermal waters are very good for women who wants baby soon, like Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary! 😀
    And I would like to have infos not just about him or his family, but Manseok, too! I love that dog very much. 😀 By the way, if they would go for longer trips, who would help to Mom? Hopefully, they could solve this problem. I wish all the best his parents and good health to his Dad and Mom!

    • juleecwk says:

      I had been to Gyeongju once, back in 2010 for the Hallyu Dream Festival because SH was one of the guest artistes at that event. We had gone there mainly for his birthday event in 2010 and it was fortunate that he was also appearing at that Dream Festival. It takes a few hours by bus from Seoul to Gyeongju which is down south east. It’s a historical city with a rich history, many Buddhist cultural relics and Kings’ tombs, and has been described as a museum without walls. So it would be the a good place for SH to visit if he is interested in such historical relics. Unlike the hustle and bustle of Seoul, this city is a nice place to relax in. Once could hire a bicycle and ride around to explore the city, which we did at that time.

      I think SH just wants to rest and be with his family for the greater part of next year, and to enjoy married life. Perhaps to also make up for all the time he did not spend with his parents. I’m glad he had mentioned his dad because it was always at the back of my mind, hoping that his dad is ok. Having read what SH had shared, I can feel how deeply responsible he must have felt towards his parents and which must have weighed heavily on him. Wanting to take care of them and needing to have a family of his own. And now that he had finally found his soul mate, it is a blessing. If SH and MB is just traveling around various places in Korea, they would still be near enough for the parents. Most places can be reached within a day so it shouldn’t be an issue.

      Seeing how happy he is now, I think we do not need to worry anymore. And hopefully their joy will be doubled when junior comes along. I can’t remember exactly what he said in another article about MB’s reaction to him, but I think he likes it that he makes her laugh. I left out this part in my article translation, but SH had said that both of their parents would not mind if MB is really pregnant before marriage. But MB didn’t want to have children until after marriage 🙂

      • Zsuzsi says:

        It’s interesting that they have the date for the wedding and MB doesn’t want to have be pregnant until marriage?! As I think she won’t be able to birth one during this short period (2months). Is she afraid of SH would cancel the marriage??? It’s strange, but perhaps, she has the wrong experiences regarding this theme! I think SH is not that type, if he promises something, he does it! And the earlier is the better to have the first baby as she is not so young for having 3 children and I am sure both of their parents would like to hold their first grandchild in their hand happily! Perhaps, she wants to be very pretty in her wedding dress, but I think a little stomach won’t spoil the view. And if someone loves the other very much, she does everything for him!!! But this is her decision as her own body, so, no one can decide only her! Hopefully, after the marriage she will be able to be pregnant very soon…

      • juleecwk says:

        I’m sure both parents would love to have a grandchild asap and pre-marital pregnancy is not so uncommon these days, I suppose it’s also a person’s values that determines what they believe in. So even if the parents and SH wouldn’t mind, it’s good that he respects MB’s wishes 🙂 Let’s hope that we will hear the ‘good news’ within next year haha.

  2. Mimi says:

    Hi ladies , I think Maybee wants to have the most enjoyable moments with SH before marriage .. Once she’s pregnant , the mood sometimes changes with vomiting for example and not much appetite for food (accompany this period ) some ladies becomes more nervous too .. She wants to be unique with a lovely mood in her wedding .. I think SH agrees with her but after marriage no excuses 😀

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