‘5 Siblings Of Deoksuri’ Premiere Stage Greeting (2)

At the first week movie premiere stage greeting on 6th & 7th December 2014.
stage greeting (1)

stage greeting (2)

stage greeting (3)

stage greeting (4)

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5 Responses to ‘5 Siblings Of Deoksuri’ Premiere Stage Greeting (2)

  1. Zsuzsi says:

    When I see him wearing these caps, sorry, but my father came into my mind… 😀 He had the same type of cap when he was young – the fashion trends come back again and again- and it suited to my Dad as well as to SH. He is always very trendy and both of the jacket and coat are beautiful. The coat is super elegant and the leather jacket is my favorite. Although, the black one is the real one!!!

  2. shandy says:

    We get another blow from the news about Yoon’s
    plan of putting off his next movie/drama work till next
    December. I feel a little bit sad coz’ he is too early to
    make his decision…..

    I suggest he spend more good time on making a careful
    selection of his next move, that will make his choice more
    sensible, rather jump the gun to shun all possibilities of
    refined roles dropping in., as I’m worried that he’ll tend to
    keep a rare or golden opportunity out of the door.

    I remember the time he decided on casting a role as a second
    male lead in a tv series something about ” Can I Luv You”,
    and all of a sudden it was aborted & SBS came up with “I Can
    Hear Your Voice” in 2013 , surprisingly Yoon accepted the
    second lead again. It gave me the sort of impression of a
    decision making being too muddled as he didn’t set his priorities.
    Yoon had been “dormant” nearly half a year, could it be
    possible that he’d turned down quite a number of invitations from
    TV dramas during that stretch of inactive period, only when there
    was an urge descending upon him to move forward, then only
    he make I think must be a rash decision on the role which was
    not in his list at all.

    This time I’m afraid he will repeat the history by making an
    unwise decision again….over my dead body !

    It’s been hard for me ever since Yoon brought his romance to
    light….thinking about the hard time must be over, we are eagerly
    looking forward to his good news, instead he brought such
    unfavorable news…..once his romance slots in, everything has
    to be brushed aside…..

    My dearest Sang Hyun oppa, we ask for nothing, what we
    expect is the least space you could save for us out of the
    largest portion that is occupied by Maybee in your heart……

    • juleecwk says:

      Dear Shandy, I understand your concern about SH’s decision to put aside filming for a while. I suppose he just wants to give priority to family at the moment and with marriage and house preparation going on, he’s going to be very busy for some time. But when all these are more settled then he can put his focus on filming again.

      I was thinking he might probably still be involved with CFs and not so intensive filming for variety shows(??). From what I sort of understand, drama filming is very tiring and can go on day and night, so probably he doesn’t want to be committed to this intensive work at the moment. I just hope that we will still get to see him in other programs during this time and also hope that his next role would be a good one.

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      Well, I think I understand why he tries to participate in many shows as he is in the center of interest of news, shows, fans… And perhaps, during this show he could show his real oneself and perhaps, we could get more informations about him, his feelings and why he does many things… perhaps, this is his aim! I saw two episodes of the show in which he will participate and everyone could show his real feelings and thoughts, but it is dangerous, too as we could know many things, he won’t show us! So, be careful what to say! 😀
      Shandy, I think it doesn’t matter if it is a leading role or a supporting one, if he would do it well, it would help in his career! Hopefully, he won’t give the shooting for 2015, as I would miss him very much!^^
      And regarding the cap, perhaps, he looks like my father with this cap, but I loved my father very much! 😀 Although, other way… 😀

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