Media Interview Photos (11th December 2014)

11-12-14 (6) 11-12-14 (7) 11-12-14 (8) 11-12-14 (9)

11-12-14 (1) 11-12-14 (2) 11-12-14 (3) 11-12-14 (4) 11-12-14 (5)

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3 Responses to Media Interview Photos (11th December 2014)

  1. Mimi says:

    Super cute our oppa is and awesome with endless charm 😉 .. His cheeks are glowing with youth and power , his eyes are talking again expressing love ( I can hear what they say behind HP glasses) 😀 and his smile is a clear signal of happiness .. Wish to see him like that forever ❤ .. The B&W pictures are wonderful too .. He's ready for the Christmas I'm sure 😀 .. I like the heart he drew in the snow , it signifies love 😉 .. Those photos make my day .. Wish u the best of everything in life our Prince Charming ❤

    • juleecwk says:

      I like this b & w range of pics too. Seeing that snow on the ledge, I now understand why he was wincing in another set of photos as he sat on it. A thought which popped into my head is that having so many pics of SH at time could also be because he will be away for quite some time soon and might not appear so often in the media. Though it is also in promotion of the movie and his marriage, it is also for us to ‘see’ more of him now. He certainly looks happy.

  2. Zsuzsi says:

    As you know my favorites are always the B&W photos. Then we could concentrate to the most important things and we could see what is not so well-marked on the color photos! It’s lovely when he wants to touch the snowflakes… I do always the same things and it’s fun to try to eat them if I can catch them! 😀 I like snow very much when you are walking on the snow and it is cracking under my feet. And doing snowangels were my favorite hobby when I had dogs… 😀 They were not too good help as making the angels became a funny rolling in the snow and all of us were full of snow. But the memories are unforgettable!!!^^ Unfortunately, I was unable to read what he wrote into the snow, I could realize only the heart and a deleted place… I am curious really.. 😀 On the last photo he looks very well and he is very sexy! 😀 Perhaps, I shouldn’t say it, but I’m sure he knows and like it and if he reads this, he is smiling proudly… 😀

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