Sang Hyun On KBS 2TV ‘The Human Condition’

human condition
Clockwise from top left:
Hyun Woo, Sang Hyun, Bong Tae Gyu, Heo Tae Hui & Eun Ji Won.
According to KBS officials, Sang Hyun and the other 4 men above has been confirmed to join the KBS show ‘The Human Condition’ (인간의 조건) as 3rd term members.  Filming for the first episode will begin on the coming 2oth December and scheduled to be broadcast on 3rd January 2015.
In ‘The Human Condition’, members will spend 7 days together in a designated lodging place without certain modern conveniences such as mobile phones, internet access, TV, etc.  Such are the things which the present generation takes for granted so how long can they survive without them? Even if it’s merely for a week, it would be good to go without so that people can learn to talk to each other again.  I’m not sure what category this show falls into as it’s part documentary and part variety. 
It’s not mentioned what they will go without for the first episode but it seems there will be a change of format.  It certainly looks like Sang Hyun is appearing in more variety shows these days. That’s great as we can still get to see him when he’s not acting in a drama. Does anyone know how many episodes there are for each season? Current episodes are shown on KBS2 on Saturdays @ 11.25 pm KST.
Is it another coincidence that another wish of mine has been granted as I was just saying recently that I hope to see him in more variety shows?  Dear Sang Hyun, are you reading my blog?

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2 Responses to Sang Hyun On KBS 2TV ‘The Human Condition’

  1. shandy says:

    Whoah, I’m so glad Yoon did plan something to make an
    appearance on the variety show, at this time.

    Earlier on, his revelation of procrastinating his next movie
    work sent me to jostle for space inside my head.
    I hope he changes his mind, backpedaling sometimes serves
    the words well with its trick !
    Yoon must be the major wheels, together with Hyun Woo may
    make this show an interesting and significant one.

    At least it’s a good time for us to catch his sight back on screen,
    but different kinda screen with different kinda stuff, haha ! There
    is something to show better than nothing….certainly the show
    quality is all I concern.

    I’m glad he chose to appear on ” Human Condition”. The show
    has a good manifestation of cognitive environmental protection,
    enhancing viewers’ consciousness of eco-system, and its effect
    on one’s engagement of self-commitment in alignment with the
    greenery effect. The show has some links to family life. I like
    show with connotation and substance, in certain extent tinged
    with amusement and laughter that may make our day.


  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    I hope this will be a really interesting show and we could watch it! The above mentioned artists are really good.
    I saw Hyun-Woo in the Queen Seondeok first as young Kim Yushin and he was really great in it and he had very lovely and cute face then! 😀 Heo Tae Hui is familiar from Pasta, where I can really realize him! 😀 Eun Ji Won’s name is familiar, but I don’t know where and Bong Tae Gyu is with his huge glasses is totally unknown by me! Perhaps, the spectacle is the problem! 😀
    Otherwise, I am very curious, if SH could live without mobile only for one minute as what he would do with his hand??? As I see a photo about his personal life or in breaks of work he is always keeping a mobile in his hand! It would be very hard for him! 😀 Then he could communicate only by thoughts with his beloved persons! But who loves each other very much, they feel each other from faraway…! And they could think about each other at the same time! This is the real love!

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