White Dinner Show (14th December 2014)

Sang Hyun at the White Dinner Show held earlier this afternoon at Grand Prince Hotel New Tanakawa in Tokyo.

White dinner show (1) White dinner show (2)
White dinner show (6) White dinner show (3)


White dinner show (4) White dinner show (5)

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4 Responses to White Dinner Show (14th December 2014)

  1. shandy says:

    Yoon wept at the show…
    He might have been so dejected that he came to the point of
    dropping his tears.
    I feel so sorry….. and so heart aching.
    He never expected the whole scenario coming into that painful
    dramatic episode.

    In the first place….. I mean if our fav man b4 a confession of his
    romance brought into public, something with extra meticulousness,
    more ponderance, more scrupulousness, more extrapolations or
    hypotheses could have been fixed into place, the outcome might
    be the other side of the coin.
    I’m juz wondering what kinda role MGB is playing without giving him
    an appropriate referential advice on cue ?

    I know how wrenching his heart could be….
    Having spent so many wonderful and sweet times together with his
    truthful, ardent and supportive Japanese fans, if ever those could
    be the sweet memories remain engrained in his heart…

    I feel like an emotional attachment and happiness take the form of
    admiration and adoration underlying the great love.
    Dearest oppa shall learn more about how to take care of his fans’

  2. Lichi lisy says:

    The Afro looks good to him ….! 😀

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    As I see there were many people in this beautiful hall who love him very much and love him as a singer and an actor, even more as a person, too! Perhaps, some of them were hurt by his unskilful announcement, but I am sure they will forget it sooner or later. I don’t think that SH was falling teardrops because of it! I think he is more stonger person than this. Perhaps, old memories came into his mind or… As I see there were film shooting at the place, so, perhaps, we could know more about the concert and those tears, too! 😀
    By the way, that Michael Jackson look from the Jacksons5 time, was really great, I agree with Lichi! 😀 I wonder to what kind of song he was dressed like this?! He cannot deny that he remains always a crazy boy… 😀
    Otherwise, the hall was wonderful with those beautiful chandeliers and the nice cutlery and tasty dishes have raised the mood of the event! It could be a really fantastic show! Congratulation!

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