Special Guest Appearance On ‘Pinocchio’

As reported in the media today, Sang Hyun will be making a guest appearance on the drama ‘Pinocchio’ with shooting carried out this afternoon.  This drama which stars Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye and directed by Jo Soo Won, is currently shown on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday.  Looks like a mini reunion from ‘I Hear Your Voice’.
Sang Hyun is going to make a guest appearance as Lawyer Cha Kwan Woo?  That’s interesting. I also see Lee Bo Young and Kim Min Jung mentioned in the cameo appearances. 
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One Response to Special Guest Appearance On ‘Pinocchio’

  1. Zsuzsi says:

    Well, it’s plot is very interesting and a little bit confused as many other korean drama, but it could be a good drama. As LJS is the main leader actor, I don’t really understand what SH as lawyer Cha does in the drama, but even more, much stranger is LBY’s appearence, who was LJS’s lover in the IHYV. I know the directors and scriptwriters have always strange ideas about their dramas! 😀 I hope I could see the episode where SH as a cameo will appear! 😀
    As I see, before his very long honeymoon? SH will appear in many shows and dramas! It would be much better if he would do it next year, too, if he doesn’t want to play any role in 2015. As I heard he would have concert next year, then he could change his mind regarding the acting, mainly if he would receive a really good role! Of course, being husband and babysitter at his children are very important roles, but he should show us another roles, too! 😀

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