That’s Me …..

Thanks to Eri’s account of the White Dinner Show, it seems this is one of the Korean songs which Sang Hyun had sung at the event and at one point, she had noticed that he had tears in his eyes …… which brings a lump to my throat.  It must have been difficult.  I feel as if I can visualize that moment.
For more pics of the venue:
그게 나야 (That’s me) by Kim Dong Ryul
If the english subs are not visible, click on the subtitle icon (4th from bottom right corner) at the bottom bar.

그게 나야

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11 Responses to That’s Me …..

  1. Mimi says:

    Wow !! It’s definitely wonderful .. The lyrics and the music are amazing .. I can imagine how SH sang this song with full empathy mixed with sincere emotions . I have listened to it 3 times continuously .. But I wonder why he chose this beautiful song ? Was he thinking of someone especial he can’t forget ? Does that person still exist inside him ? Tears in his eyes means this song signifies some memories for him .. How sensitive SH is !! My eyes start to flow tears .. Good memories are engraved inside our hearts with irresistible power not to forget them .. I’m going to listen again but this time SH voice will be with me ❤ ❤ Thanks a lot dear Julee 🙂

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Mimi, listening to this song with the image of SH singing it makes me feel a heaviness in my heart. I felt it was his message to his fans, for those who must have felt hurt by recent events and for those who might have ‘left'(?). It’s like a personal message to those who means a lot to him. A beautiful and sad song.

      I’ve always felt that their song composers are really good, the music and lyrics always touch me deeply.

  2. Lichi lisy says:

    Looks like someone is missing his love past. Hope he will be very happy, truly I want.

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    I’ve checked the repertoir of SH and there were some very interesting songs between that I have never heard from SH before! Like this song above and the Back to real life! Those are really characteristic! As I see he really wants to stop dreaming and wants to go back to real life! I wish good luck to it! But I would like to admit, though, it’s important to live in real life, but without dreams there’s no real life! 😀
    This is a beautiful sad love song and it has touched my heart… Perhaps, there’s an intention that we want to send messages by songs to someone, but in vain if the consignee won’t receive it or doesn’t want to accept it or understand it… This song shows very well, that the past could never be back again, even if we are yearning for it! But the past could remain a beautiful memory (mainly beautiful) in our minds and noone can delete it from there. Perhaps, the pictures would fade with time passing, but the memories will always live in us! In SH, too, he would always remember for every moment he has spent with that person, I am sure!
    Otherwise, a song is only a song, and perhaps, just we want to give a deep meaning to it and those tears were only… I don’t know, I am not sure anymore that I know SH at all! 😀 But I am open…

  4. juleecwk says:

    Hope SH will sing more new songs in future, MB could help to write these for him. I like this song very much and would have loved to hear SH sing it. It suits his voice.

    Hope he will never give up on his dreams.

  5. shandy says:


    From where to start
    No reasons to find
    How to go for ending
    No causes to root out
    The journey from start to end
    Takes a lot of pain
    Reminisce about the sweet memories
    Interweaving the beautiful dreams
    of yesterdays
    Becomes a wound of today
    And a scar of tomorrows

  6. shandy says:

    An Unsaid Cordial Apology

    Love could tell
    But not to say
    Once it is told
    Once and for all
    An unsaid apology
    Is waiting for its turn
    Of propitiousness

  7. shandy says:


    With no starting point
    Perhaps the wounds would find
    No festering under the pretext
    Pain would find no place
    putting on an act

    If, perhaps
    Beginning never had occurred
    Ending might not be
    pompously extravagant

  8. Zsuzsi says:

    Shandy, your poetic vein is opened again, in the most important moments!^^

  9. Mimi says:

    That’s great shandy , thank u much hopping SH would read ur poetty (y)

    • shandy says:

      Thank you my dear ladies for your appreciation.
      I do hope dearest Sang Hyun oppa reads them with
      his heart, and finds the purpose and meaning of
      moving on with his passion of music following his
      own inclination of keep singing.

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