2014 White Dinner Show (2)

white dinner show (keiko)
Grand Prince Hotel New Tanakawa banquet hall in Tokyo
Pic from Keiko
White Dinner Show on 14th December 2014
Contents of event and some pics are taken from Chocolatier’s blog:

List of 17 songs highlighted in purple.
Just wanted to say thank you to some of the Japanese fans such as Chocolatier who always make a special effort to share their experiences at Sang Hyun’s events. This Dinner Show held last Sunday seems to have been a very emotional one due to the recent unexpected announcements which had surprised many and had unfortunately led to much cancellation for participation.
As I read through Chocolatier’s account, it left me in tears and with a heavy heart.  It was as if I too were in the audience, looking at Sang Hyun up there on stage
There must have been about 500 people present as there were 50 round tables with 10 seats each. Dinner was served prior to the concert which began at around 18:30.  The first song was Christmas Eve and as Sang Hyun was singing, his eyes gradually filled with tears. Then hesitantly, he began to speak.
Sang Hyun: This time as I was making my preparation in Korea, it was with the thought of returning to first principles. A significant amount of time had passed since the first live performance in Japan and with age, it becomes difficult to sing and act …. a dream ….. even when I thought I was dreaming, maybe I did not have to give up ……
And suddenly, a lot of tears were flowing from Sang Hyun’s eyes. He was unable to speak as he tried hard to hold back the tears. After regaining his composure, he continued.
Sang Hyun: Truthfully I’m very nervous to be up on stage and worried to be standing here before you.
In Korea, while preparing for the show and the thought that I was wrong, I feel you have reminded me what is the way to go from now. So in future, I will not give up that dream or my passion for singing and will work hard and put in my best efforts.
Warm applause followed as he finished speaking. Singing resumed with 3 songs in succession ….. Oath, Constellation of Tears & Romance. He then tried to lighten the mood by making some jokes.
Sang Hyun: I have never sung continuously like this, so it’s a bit tough. But today, like the time when I had started singing, I have selected a conservative suit to return to first principles. So far, I would use a throat spray after a song has ended and wear flashy costumes. But I think it’s slightly different this time and will show you an appearance with a clean singing style. (laughs)
White dinner show (2)
Following 2 songs ……
7 In The Morning
Sang Hyun: Recently I have not been hiking. I love hiking, but the left knee felt painful when descending from the mountains. I went to hospital and it was found to be worn out cartilage. I don’t know when it started. When I stand up and sing, I feel pain in the knees. I do not go hiking now but cycling at Hangang. Today I’m going to show off a dance and for that reason, I’m sitting and singing (laughs)
As Seung Chul is having a performance in Korea, he was unable to come together with Sang Hyun.
Next 4 Korean songs were sung consecutively:
지난 날 (Bygone Days) – original by 유재하 (Yu Jae Ha)
물어본다 (Ask) – original by 이승환 (Lee Seung Hwan)
Back To The Real Life – original by 윤상 (Yun Sang)
사랑했어셔 (Sarang Haess-eosyeo) – OST from Princess Lulu, sung by Sang Hyun when he was with X5
Followed by In This Wide World.
Sang Hyun: The first time I sang in Japan was at Shibuya Box in 2009. Whatever the songs I had sung,
I finally had that opportunity to sing in front of you. Day to day I could feel the happiness when I was singing. Even when I sang several songs in succession, I did not feel the fatigue.
In that way, when I’m on the stage in Japan and being able to sing in front of many fans, I am able to find my strength and weakness. So for me who had never sang in Korea, every fan who comes to the event in Japan is a very important presence.
Each one of the fans in Japan who cheers with a smile, gives me the energy which is entirely different from what I get when I’m practicing in Korea. And when I’m singing on stage, I can rediscover the meaning of singing. All the fans in Japan are like sisters and being with friends. It is a source of energy and I can feel it all over again. Thus from now, I would like to do my best to sing in front of you.
Next 2 songs …..
Mimicry – original by Mr Children
Last Rain
Sang Hyun: I use abdominal breathing when I sing, but excuse me as I’ve gained weight recently and the pants are small (laughs). So far I’ve gone hiking 5 times a week and even though the amount eaten does not change, I gained weight. And because the pants were not so small originally, the stomach is sore (laughs).
Last few songs …
그게 나야 (That’s me)original by Kim Dong Ryul (김동률)
And for the encore ….. Liar & Summer Story of 2 People
For Liar, Sang Hyun surprised everyone by re-appearing in shorts with flashy tee and the Afro wig and danced as he sang. That must have been fun to watch.
White dinner show (6)
Finally the event ended at around 20:30, after around 2 hours and they had the 2 shot photos in the lobby. Sang Hyun’s parting words: Let’s meet again in summer next year. And promised to brush up on his Japanese.


white dinner show (8)a

white dinner show (10)a

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14 Responses to 2014 White Dinner Show (2)

  1. shandy says:

    I didn’t really get the hang of Yoon’s actual plan behind
    ” Too Early To Stop”, until I have read through his revelation
    on the stage of the night, my heart suddenly throbs with pain.

    He’s inspired with so many ideas and aspirations in his dreams,
    if only he could pause his stride, or slow his pace, giving himself
    a break for reenergizing, long or short, time will prove itself the
    best healer for any strong man to have his rite , either pulling up
    for being lethargy or regaining his strength to move further.

    A man weeps doesn’t form a quilt, it’s a way to vent his
    frustration…. if I could be of any help, would be more than
    everything else lending my should to him at this very moment.
    I’m no longer in a rush to impel him to exert his energy without
    a pause. His health condition is exceptional, it is innate and is
    different from others. I feel so sorry that he’s unable to enjoy
    being a normal strong man who could be as strong as ever….
    his foe is aging, coming in such a premature stage to place all
    men into the same category of fate.

    The burden of life that suffocates us and make our choice
    narrowed down, either we shrink our size to tune in with reality
    or we juz do make life that no longer be kind to us, slowly
    it deviates from our bearing….
    Even a strong man has his weaker side.
    My dearest Sang Hyun oppa, there’s no clear line of demarcation
    between rite and wrong, taking a break or moving on is the
    ring of lord.

    There must be a detour of thoroughfare, as long as hurdles are
    no longer blocking in our way, there is a wish , there must be
    a way !
    Love you, from the past of yesterday, today the presence, and
    tomorrow would be the magical one….
    Be happy of all the time, that’s only we wanna share with you every
    second, every minute, every hour of your happiness and

  2. Mimi says:

    Love u and support forever .. I can’t imagine our world without SH voice , it would be aimless for me .. Ur tears are so precious to us as I’m used to ur presence with us .. Ur voice that gives us happiness and hope in hard times can’t be forgotten .. The sun rays who give warmth when it’s cold and the moonlight when it’s dark .. That’s u due to me ( how I’m ) .. These days u make me cry a lot, so please dry my sincere tears by being with us until the end .. Go higher to the sky above the clouds to see the rainbow .. Life is beautiful and it would be more beautiful as long as we are together .. Hope u understand my message to u .. Do u realize how I’m ?? Wish u the best of luck in merrage and career .. From now on , no more tears but hope, love , success , optimism and support .. Fighting ❤

  3. Zsuzsi says:

    Well, I really don’t understand SH! He is so strange, I hope nobody would be angry with me, but he really seems to be an old aunt! OMG! He is at the beginning of his 40ths, which according to the european opinion, (the american, too) this is the best ages of men!!! And he is always crying. Sorry, but I am angry with him! I think it’s too early to feel a midlife crisis at his age! Everybody has problems, I had also pain in my left knee since my 20ths, as I had an injury during skiing, but I don’t ski and it’s great now! It’s a sad thing that he is unable to go hiking, as he liked it very much, but I would just whisper him that riding a bike is as wrong to the knee as the hiking! 😀 So, stop it! Trampoline is the best sport device for a wrong knee and very useful!
    I have to tell the truth, I like the manly, witty and funny SH, who can fly and do everything and who is always the winner, not the old-mom type one! Sang-Hyeon-a, please, help me to get back that SH that I loved so much! Otherwise, I don’t think that Maybee wants to marry such a depressive and crying man. By the way, if she would refuse you because of this, I think there will be many candidates to her place, perhaps, with nursing qualification! 😀 But leaving aside the joke, I really want to see that SH, whom I met first time on the award ceremony in 2009, the charming one with his entrancing smile and smiling eyes. Who was able to capture the heart of women’s thousands with only one song! I WANT IT BACK!!! If not…
    I was sure that he was really nervous standing in front of the japanese audience, but I think in vain as who were there those persons loved him without hesitation and conditions, and they don’t mind if he is married or not or if he was hiding things for a long time! The hardest thing to gain back the sincerity of those who weren’t there, even more who deleted their booking! It won’t be easy I know, but it’s not impossible, as they love him, just they want more sincerity from him… 😀
    And an advice for using abdominal breathing, the trousers is much narrower when we are sitting than we are standing! 😀 So, I think as he was working as a model for GSGM he could get free trousers (or much cheaper) for the next shows! 😀 Or use trampoline, and the old trousers would be good again or eat less! 😀 But I have to admit I like the chubby SH, but not the Crybaby! 😀
    Oh, so, he sang the Liar when he looked like the member of Jacksons5! 😀 His T-shirt was very interesting and the inscription was really interesting! 😀 I wonder from where he got this Tee?

    • juleecwk says:

      Dear Zsus,
      I think no matter how cheerful and positive someone is, there will be times when they can feel down. SH is usually positive by nature and smiles often, but he’s human. We may never have known his heartache if he did not show it. I think there comes a time when people need to find themselves and to decide on what is really important. Priorities can change.

      SH was perhaps standing at his cross-road, wondering which way he ought to go. Even if one may be among thousands, one can still be alone. No one is perfect and they can make mistakes, but what matters in the end is being able to pick themselves up. Who is to say what is right or wrong way or what happiness means. Everyone is different.

      I feel we need to give him space, to go where he really wants to go. We couldn’t have known or seen his heart when he was most down …. but now he has found someone who cares about him and loves him. And that is the most wonderful thing that has happened for him. Whichever path he chooses to go, only he can decide. I’m sure SH will be happy again. In the end, his happiness is what matters to me. Like he said, life is just like the hills and valleys …. where the path will go up and down. And when one reaches the bottom, the only way is up. So I would say to him, be who you want to be and live the life that makes you happiest.

      On to a lighter note, I thought the best low impact exercise is swimming because it doesn’t place so much pressure on the joints. Get free pants from GSGM? Good idea 😀 I prefer him to be lean but not skinny.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Julee, you forgot, that SH doesn’t like the water and since his childhood he haven’t been in biggest water and he was afraid in the swimming pool when he was shooting there! So, trampoline is the best and very funny! And it will protect his joints… And not just adults like it, but children and dogs, too!!! 😀

      • juleecwk says:

        Yes I did forget 😀 But just wondering, when one jumps on the trampoline, isn’t there any impact on the knees and heels?

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Julee believe me, it’s excellent for SH!

  4. Mimi says:

    I forgot to say : please take care of ur health .. We are in bad need to u , our super star .. Good health is the first powerful step to work .. Wish u and ur parents very good health ❤ ❤

  5. Mimi says:

    My lovely Suzy , thanks a lot for giving me such a smile reading ur comment .. Agree with u SH fans needs sincerity from him as they love him much .. But SH isnot a baby , all of us have our great dreams and the moment we feel we may lose them , tears flow with no cotrol .. Thanks for ur encouraging advice for our good boy 😀

  6. shandy says:

    My dear Zsuz, I know how you feel….
    Indeed, crying is no longer a sole sovereignty of women today.
    Men with toughness inside out could only be traced back to the
    old time. Men of today take crying as one of the channels at
    source to set themselves free from a fettered stereotype of
    traditional hero, there’re no more heroes nowadays. Our
    anticipations of heroic images could only get fulfilled through
    the big screen. Today men have a greater propensity for making
    their principles of sissy looks and style and sexless trendy attire
    known widely.

    The president of America, Mr Bush had once dropped his tears
    during his speech touching the sentimental issue in public.

    Our fav man in one way or another, has shown his side of
    toughness. He’s the one who showed his mentality strength
    through the events of :

    _ as an intern serving a mandatory period of internship, he
    boldly walked out of the singing training institute where
    he’d to undergo training while being demanded to take over
    laborious task at the same time.

    _ decisively terminated the contracted agreement in advance
    which he’s bound by to his previous agent, who in the first
    place of failing the actors signed under the same roof, was in
    breach of trust paying remuneration to Yoon and other staff
    sometime back i n 2009. Until now it is said of an unpaid
    amount still owed to Yoon for shooting ” The Secret Of Keu
    Keu Island “.

    _ during the same year, Yoon’s father suffered from stroke,
    an imperative call of precariousness of his father health while
    he’s still having shooting of ‘ Queen Of Housewife ”

    _ his ex-agent brazenly filed a suit against him over a stretch
    of period of time demanding a huge sum of compensation for
    the company’s loss.

    Yoon won the case subsequently, and being the main buttress
    to his family at the same time. He’d gone through the wringer of
    life with undying tenacity and hope.
    Those trying to mark him as weak a man who was born yesterday
    were entirely wrong and stunned by his inner strength and

    I believe a mixed feelings of yielding to his greatest sport of mt
    hiking, which is used to be the greatest source of his power
    and faith, coming along with those unexpected frustrations over
    his exposure of romance by the Japanese fans, all mounted to
    a complex grief eventually lead to Yoon’s emotional breakdown
    , and he ultimately burst into tears….

    I hope my dear Zsuz , let’s let him have a little break of letting
    off his depression, a brief frustration we could share with him.
    With Maybee as his next mountain, he’ll soon pick up his faith and
    confidence, opening the gate with floods of onrushing challenges
    laying ahead. Until then he’s no more a crybaby, but a tougher
    man who wanna act a man with more strength and power on the
    big screen. All he needs is our faith, and trust , and support ! ^_^

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      Dear Shandy,
      In February I’ve already written to him that it doesn’t matter what would happen, I would support and love him in the future! So, he knows it! But I have to admit that if I love someone, then I love him with his faults, but it doesn’t mean that I will be blind! And if I really love someone I have to share my thoughts and my opinions with him as he expects from me. As who could tell the truth to him if not that person who is very close to him! So, I love SH and I would always tell him what I feel, even if he made a mistake or not! And then I would help him to correct those faults!
      I think now he has no depression and I am sure he is happy!
      I wish him a real happiness, and I am well as I am preparing for Christmas, which is very near! 😀 Completely forgetting?, well, I don’t know yet… 😀

      • shandy says:

        Dear Zsuz, you’re rite !
        When we luv him, we luv him as a whole.
        He’s flawy in certain way, but it may be taking a whiff
        out of his entire perfectness.
        I think the good inside him that counts the most.
        He’s more than everything the entire universe has lead
        us to look for…….
        I’m so glad that we could share the moment when he’s
        at the top or at the bottom of the mountain. He still
        needs to walk his miles, make out and fix up the things.
        If we can be the backbones for him all the way, it would
        be the greatest morale booster that works him up at all
        Soon the X’mas is in the air, Yoon’s dulcet tone of
        X’mas melody is resonant deeply and emotive.
        Together with Yoon, we’re gonna have a lovely and
        enjoyable X’mas full of blessings, fun and laughter,
        love and care………….^_^

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        I agree, lovely Shandy! 😀

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