Guest Appearance In ‘Pinocchio’ (2)

Pinocchio  (2) Pinocchio  (3) Pinocchio  (1)

Sang Hyun’s gift of ‘midnight snack car’ for the entire staff and actors who had to endure the cold weather for the shooting of the drama ‘Pinocchio’.  He will be making a cameo appearance on the 12th episode which will be broadcast on SBS this Thursday 18th December at 22:00 KST.  Filming was carried out on the 15th.
I like him with these glasses.
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2 Responses to Guest Appearance In ‘Pinocchio’ (2)

  1. Zsuzsi says:

    Wow, so his gift was that snack car for the staff! 😀 I think he gave it back to LJS, who has also sent him a car during SH’s shooting! 😀 The friendship is very nice!!! I hope someone would record it as I have to work at that time! 😦

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