Saturday Night Live Korea (Episode 35)

Full episode of Saturday Night Live Korea, episode 35.
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5 Responses to Saturday Night Live Korea (Episode 35)

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Wish there were English subtitles.
    But even though I don’t understand Korean, I could feel Sang Hyun’s happiness and his love for Maybee.
    I am sure she is one of the happiest ladies in the world because she has won the love of Sang Hyun.
    We fans are the other happiest ladies for our idol has found his happiness and the one that he loves.
    I am so touched.

    • juleecwk says:

      I saw some ep of SNL which were subbed but not sure whether they do that for all ep.
      Hope there will be a subbed ep 35 later.

      I’m looking forward to the wedding in Feb and to hear their duet 🙂

  2. Mimi says:

    All the guys are excellent .. I like that sweet Gapdong very much , if he were like that in the real drama , I think all ladies would fall for him 😀 the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard is the love song SH had sung for MB . His performance is so expressive and wonderful .. It’s clear he’s inspired by his great romance .. I think just one red rosé with a tight touch to MB ‘s hand would have been enough to express love but SH is so generous definitely 😀 good luck oppa and I wish u everlasting marriage with 3 juniors as u wish ❤

  3. Mimi says:

    Please dear Julee , if u find the subbed episode , post it to us .. Thanks in advance for for efforts with us ❤

  4. shandy says:

    Yoon’s shown his many facets of talents……from a humble
    genuine self to a turn into a white-grey hair old lady (no
    doubt I disapprove of this transformation, but he’s truly great
    in his skills, more expectation of him as a tough and strong
    man), and the malicious yet good-looking guy (dunno what exactly
    the role, perhaps acting a scoundrel or….), then the ultimate
    devilish Gapdongi, honestly I enjoyed and laughed a lot, Yoon
    always brings joy to our world.

    Miracle, there’s a name called industry.
    We need to do only three good things from cradle to grave:

    1/ Knowing the game of choice
    2/ Grasping the rules of persistency
    3/ Understanding the way of cherishing

    There’s no failure, if only success hasn’t presented itself for
    the time being.
    Regretting coz’ we fail in pulling our weight will rest upon
    more pain than great effort being put in vain.
    Cherish our-selves, take good care of our health in priority
    (none will ever say it’s a wrong doing ), a duty we are
    responsible for the society, as well as the one being we’re

    To our fav man,
    If YOU persist in your belief, entrust your ability, unearth sth
    which is called potential lying deep underneath, please grasp
    chances to pull it out, show the world what it is , how good it
    can be, you’ll be in triumph of winning the world and your own
    self, as well as the one in our hearts ! ^_^

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