Cameo Appearance On ‘Pinocchio’

pinocchio 1
At the filming of his cameo role as lawyer Cha Kwan Woo in ep 12 of ‘Pinocchio’ on 18th December 2014.
pinocchio 3
 Acting as attorney for Ki Jae Myung (Yoon Kyun Sang) in ‘Pinocchio’
pinocchio 2
The 2 Yoons seem to have become good friends on set

I managed to catch ep 12 of Pinocchio and this part is the preview of ep 13 so Sang Hyun should be making an appearance as Lawyer Cha in this Wednesday’s episode on 24th December.  
Pinocchio episode 12 (with English subs)
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8 Responses to Cameo Appearance On ‘Pinocchio’

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    The lovely Dr. Cha returned! 😀 He looks really good in that green coat, but unfortunately, the fur could be real one! 😦 Otherwise, he had really nice smile during that cameo! 😀
    YKS is also very good-looking! 😀

  2. shandy says:

    When we’re gonna watch Cha solicitor in his play as a guest,
    I’m in a good mood of his vicarious witty eloquence of : ”
    Anyway, inconsiderate sentence is going too far, how am I
    being unthoughtful ? Ooop~~ I’ve messed up the files !!!!!!!”

    In face, naivety is never the game of Cha bion, his intelligence
    is humble, never cocky. He doesn’t transgress the boundaries
    in a great matter, only permitting himself a little muddle in a
    lesser one. I’m anticipating his another form of eloquence in
    defending YKS who’s quilty on all counts in murder in the name
    of legislation.

  3. shandy says:

    I’ve got a big bundle of curiosity, juz wondering how many
    appearances that would take Cha bion into shot? Would a
    quest be appearing more than the regular practices so that
    we could be able to hold on to the screen for a little more than
    minutes, or hours….. ^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      I didn’t catch Pinocchio’s ep 12 so hope watch it later.
      If SH is going to be the defense lawyer, perhaps he might appear in ep 13?

      • shandy says:

        Yoon always makes a good show.
        His previous cast as a second lead being fixed
        into a small space not coz’ of how good he could
        be but too good he has always been……

        I’m wondering if SBS did show their sincerity to
        invite Yoon as a genuine guest to brighten up the
        drama, or juz merely for placing their ” special guest”
        in the backcourt to strike a pose, for his fans to catch
        a glimpse of his gracious charms that kinda meaning
        ……poor us….. TT

      • juleecwk says:

        I think the cameo was included by PD Jo due to their close friendship and because the brief scene isn’t part of the script, it was not included in the episode. So I suppose we won’t be seeing lawyer CKW in court after all.

  4. Lichi lisy says:

    I saw ep 13 and Sang Hyun never appeared :(. I figured that his cameo was the preview of ep 13

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Lichi,

      Yes I think so too. I’ve watched ep 13 and was a bit disappointed that the preview part with SH was not shown. Looks like his cameo appearance is just added in for that part.

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