On SBS Power FM (4th December 2014)

As guest on SBS Radio Power FM’s ‘Kong Hyeong-Jin’s Cine Town’ on 4th December 2014.

power fm (2)

Power FM (3)

Power FM (4)

Power FM (5)

power fm (1)


To watch 2 other related clips (raw):
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5 Responses to On SBS Power FM (4th December 2014)

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Sang Hyun dressed like a detective 🙂

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Sorry, but he looks like my father when he was young! 😀 He had the same cap, but Dad had no glasses! 😀 In vain, the fashion is always coming back! 😀 The glasses really suits him very well! I am sorry that you didn’t post another photo where his face was really lovely and I have laughed a lot about it as he is unable to hide his feelings, we could see those in his face! 😀

  3. shandy says:

    I’ve watched quite a number of dramas of crime scenes
    about FBI, CBI, the detectives of Major Crimes and How
    To Get Away With Murder and so and so …….the very first thing
    that always comes to my mind and revolves around my brain
    is the detective role played by Yoon in Gapdongi.

    So here it is the cap as Sheepro related it to Pinkerton or
    sherlock, or detective chief inspector. Yoon can play it cool
    with wits and humor, how about ” The Mentalist” which deals
    a lot of the main character with his instinct mentality, I so luv
    this kinda plot, and Yoon can be as good as that, smart and
    witty and charming…….
    I luv his black jacket, it’s sooooo cool !

    • sheeprondo says:

      Patrick Jane of The Mentalist is another favorite of mine. In fact Simon Baker was my No.1 idol before I saw Sang Hyun playing the role of Butler Seo in My Lady’s Castle.
      However, ever since I started to watch Korean Drama because of Sang Hyun, Sang Hyun has been my No.1 idol and I am sure he will remain our No.1 forever 🙂

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