Media Interview Photos (30th December 2014)

30-12-2014 (1)

Updated with my translation of interview (1st January 2015).
Apologies should there be any errors as it’s based on my understanding of the content.
Interview in which Sang Hyun talks about filming of the movie ‘Deoksuri’ and marriage.
Some of the content is similar to previous interviews.

Regarding the movie, Sang Hyun feels that Song Sae Byeog’s scenes had the most laughs while his role of Su Kyo as an emotionally suppressed character was not as much fun to do. So it was rather frustrating during the initial shooting. And because he could not joke during shooting, he was chatting more to the others as compared to other shooting sets.

Surprisingly in spite of this, it took him a while to get to know and get close to the others and it wasn’t what it seems as his intense shyness. He cannot drink and does not like drinking, so it took him a while to get to know the others. While Chan Seong, Kwang Su and Sae Byeog were eating on set, he would be sleeping. Everyone could recover quickly after drinking but he could not do that as he would get a hangover.

In response to the reporter’s remark about him having confidence in comedy acting, Sang Hyun said he knew that he was fond of comedy acting after taking on the filming of Gapdong. He had found it very tough during filming of the latter. It was really difficult to shoot with the depressing and heavy feelings for over 4 months. The feelings did not decrease after every emotional scene and it was tough even after shooting. It took some time to be rid of them.

30-12-2014 (2)

Sang Hyun laughed when the talk turned to marriage and the reporter commented that his heart could be seen emerging just from his eyes. For him, the feeling is akin to when he was a kid and the day before a school trip or picnic, he would be restless and unable to sleep. He’s very excited and looking forward to spending a lifetime together with his friend and there are numerous thoughts in his mind.

In response to the remark that people who are playful can become different and serious once they decided to get married, Sang Hyun says that it seems like people become truly grownup when someone they are going to live with for the rest of their lives appears, and the thought itself of working alone is completely different. So one’s personality will change a little because being a husband and having to take on a family role, somehow one becomes serious. It’s not just his own thinking but the idea can deepen further when the thought is on putting first priority on home. He added that the reporter was right to say that ‘marriage makes a true grownup’ and laughed as he said that it would be sad if being bright, cheerful and funny would gradually disappear.

As to how the concert wedding concept came about, SH said that both of them had never done a concert before so the idea of a wedding concert occurred to them. They did not want a wedding which is in a similar form as the others. It would be great to have a wedding that could remain in memory for a long time, a wedding that belongs to just the 2 of them.

Fortunately the parents were fine with it so they could proceed. It would likely have the atmosphere of a dinner show with him and the bride singing trot. He was thinking of a fun and charming wedding. He laughed as he said there would be no emcee as the bride and groom will receive total attention.

30-12-2014 (3)

Reason for living with his parents after marriage …..
Paju is in the countryside. After he had finished his work, he would always go there to rest and play with the dogs in the yard. He always feel really sorry that only his parents are staying in the countryside. They are aging and he wants to be with them. He would like that they do not have to live apart and fortunately it’s also Maybee’s dream of living in the countryside. He would make a studio for his friend on the top floor.  A karaoke room, his studio and a bathroom would be built underground. The cafe will be on the ground floor and their acquaintances who drop in can relax and enjoy the scenery.
That’s from the groom’s perspective, however would it be difficult looking from the bride’s perspective?
No, there’s nothing like that about mother-in-law and daughter-in-law conflict. Maybee goes to Paju and together with mum prepares prayers, make tofu and have a fun time chatting. Mum likes her very much. She speaks well, is pleasant and beautiful. He did not know that she would do that much for his parents. His father is sick and seeing how well she treats his parents had touched him. He have had thoughts that they will have to do well when they live next to each other. He is very thankful. Being good to his parents and for him too, he’s very much reassured to see things are going so well. He will also be good to his mother in law.
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