Sang Hyun & Maybee (Instagram)

Sang Hyun with Maybee in an outdoor selfie posted in Maybee’s instagram with the message
‘Oh, the weather is good’.
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7 Responses to Sang Hyun & Maybee (Instagram)

  1. sheeprondo says:

    What a beautiful couple 🙂

  2. shandy says:

    I shall admire, but not envious~ ~ I luv the enchanting smile,
    exuding from the charming face of the man, so shall I learn
    to luv the pretty face of the man’s woman ~~? Hahaha…….

  3. aki says:

    I love Yoon Sang Hyun, whoever makes him happy so am i. Love them both. Their looks perfectly fit together. And Maybee is pretty, just like my handsome Sang Hyun.

  4. juleecwk says:

    Happiness is evident from SH’s face and in his smile, and the source is beside him. That’s a great feeling for me and is certainly enough to make my day. Hope to always see their happy smiles.

  5. Mimi says:

    A perfect photo for the lovely couple . But Mansoek is missing 😀

  6. Zsuzsanna says:

    Unfortunately, the weather is terrible with storms and very cold wind in Europe, so, I need some good weather and sunshine!
    They looks really lovely and dressed very well! As I see EJ likes the red color, good choice! Her hair is also red, it suits her very well! SH is really a little bit chubby and his nose, too! 😀 This is the disadvantage of selfies from close! 😀 SH is always wearing sunglasses and we cannot see his eyes! 😦 Although, this type of sunglasses suit him very well!
    I also miss Manseok from the photo, hopefully, even if SH is very busy now, he has some time for his lovely dog, too! Otherwise, the other dog, that big one, sorry, I forgot his name, was also very lovely. when he or she was puppy! I would like to see a nice photo from that dog too! 😀 EJ’s dog is also very lovely, but I prefer the little bit bigger dogs! Although, these Chihuahua dogs are portable much easier as we can put them into a small handbag! 😀
    SH really looks happy and both of them are smiling, hopefully, these smilings would last for a long time! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Do you mean that Sharpei mix, think its name is Dongseok. Perhaps the dogs are with his mum in Paju?
      If SH is currently still staying in his apartment in Geumho, the place wouldn’t be very suitable for Manseok.
      EJ’s chihuahua is so cute. It’s good that they both love dogs and their dogs can romp around together when they stay in Paju.

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