‘Human Condition 2’ Preview (150102)

Preview of the first episode of Human Condition 2 (3rd January 2015)
Tonight on KBS2 @ 23:15 KST
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3 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Preview (150102)

  1. shandy says:

    A house located in its natural surroundings, constructed with
    rough cement stone wall with woods popping out, it looks
    ramshackle yet solid, I would say it’s something of a greenery
    building, cutting out quite an environmental impact on the
    natural resources.

    A natural lifestyle in the countryside, for God’s sake, it’s my dream
    of living a life away from the hustle and bustle, kissing the tranquil
    flow of everyday routine……without too many sophisticated things,
    it’s ” wow” to experience such wonderful feeling of peacefulness in
    heart, in mind, and in soul……. Humans are being toiled from day
    to day manifested mainly in pursuing, competing and comparing
    among one another, what is an actual standard mark for a man’s
    living condition depends on a large scale of individual needs of a
    human’s particular desire for living such life.

    With ” The Human Condition” opening a lot of chapters and line of
    sight coverage, for how strong we are to overcome tides after
    tides of uncertainty. Our sophisticated living condition has taken
    away too many natural things happening in our surroundings.
    How the cows moo in the pastures, a duck duckling in the pond,
    and a chick runs its way to look for a peck of worm, and I even
    haven’t heard an owl hoot in the nite…… so many precious things
    on earth will slowly disappear from sights…….

    There are bottomless stories happening everyday.
    Being striking steps at the forefront, it would be very hard for many
    or reluctant to go back to where our ancestors had once been.
    Time creates the bustling vain world, we are born to be a conqueror.
    We make this world how it would be and how it could be, we simply
    shine our awareness of breakthrough over the breakdown.
    When time slowly fades, our oblivescence even becomes stronger,
    and the craving for sophistication has taken its gradual steps
    molding our minds, that the only living condition has gone far
    beyond the needs and necessities…..how many of us could live
    without ipod, handphone, facebook or twitter and so on and so on

    There’s a much larger space far and wide waiting for humankind
    to explore…If we are to be reduced to simple, rustic lifestyle,
    we are in actual facts reducing impacts that undermine and erode
    our natural environmental resouces , less pollution of all kinds….
    will our Earth live longer, and healthier…….???????/

    • juleecwk says:

      Well Shandy, I like being among nature but I think I can’t do without electricity. Wouldn’t like to depend on just moonlight or candlelight at night haha. And I’m afraid of the dark. It would be nice to take a break and stay in the countryside, enjoy the peace and beautiful scenery but not for me if there’s no electricity. Countryside living would be good if it comes with some conveniences. 🙂

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    You know I live in the capital of Hungary, but this is the green belt aria of Budapest. I am living on the second floor of a 4-storye building and all my windows open to our garden and the family houses’ gardens around us! Each season is beautiful in this area with the many trees and plants. And there are many birds and dogs in the gardens. And I spent many times in countryside and it was wonderful and the fresh air was unbelievable. And seeing the animals around house (cow, pig..) or deer, fox and wild boar (sometimes dangerous) in the forest or collecting the herbals or wild flowers are fantastic! Walking in the fresh air of the pineforest or lying in the grass of the medow are so romantic! But I have to tell that only for a holiday and when you are guest there as they work very hard for the living from morning to late evening, mainly who is holding animals! So, that’s why I am living between the two area! 😀 I won’t be able to live in the center of the city! But I am sure if once you wake up at 4 o’clock for a pheasant’s or a cockcrow, you would change your mind and those do it every day at the same time! After a week you will think about learning how to shoot… 😀 It is terrible…
    Otherwise, I feed birds in winter, I put always seeds onto the ledge of my kitchen window and if I want to wake up later, they knock on the window calling the attention for my duty! 😀 I have a lovely special dove couple, titmouses, blackbirds and jay. This last one could imitate every sound, like the human ones, too! So, life is very funny!
    Regarding handphones, FB… I think I was used to these devices, but when I spend a holiday on countryside, I could be very well without using these as I have so many experiences there. And I could talk to so many people whom I haven’t met for a long time or completely unknown and the fresh air could send me to the bed too early! But not without my camera as I like to take snapshots very much! 😀

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